No booklet published on tips for Pregnant women by government : Ayush Ministry!

Since few days the paid media is running behind some booklet which is apparently tips for pregnant women. Many media houses have created a huge fuss saying that government has issued bizarre tips to pregnant women and they do not have the right to do so.

But the Ayush ministry which verified the documents came down heavily on those channels which where involved in malicious campaign against the government and clarified that the government had not released any booklet or tips manual. They also said that the publication which the media has been talking about is in circulation since 2013 and it is racked up only during Modi’s rule to malign the government.

The Ayush ministry reacted strongly against the fake propaganda saying that media would bring up anything just to attack the Modi government. They clarified that book had nothing to do with government preferences, and had some guidelines based on Yoga and Naturopathy.

The government also verified and confirmed that no where in the book do they mention that pregnant women should not have sex.  Sadly this fake news was propagated just to make an issue and gain TRP.

This booklet is said to have been released in 2013, during the Congress government based on some studies. But the media wanted to blame that Modi government published the booklet which put restrictions on women which is totally untrue.

Aishwarya S