Under no circumstance we will support Pakistan on Kashmir declares Israel!

Pakistan has again suffered a major blow after Israel declared that it will never support Pakistan on Kashmir issue. Amidst the tension between India-Pakistan in the recent months, the Israel has now declared open support to India saying under no circumstances will Israel support Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

The news was confirmed by top officials of the Israeli government yesterday. Until now, Israel had maintained silence over the issue, saying it was the internal conflicts of the two countries and it wasn’t right for them to comment, maintaining that they will help India fight cross border terrorism.

Israel had always supported India since early 1990s, but however the relation hit a hurdle after the UPA came to power in 2004 and Israel considering Pakistan as a important country among the Islamic territories. India failed to strike the chord with Israel and neglected the important diplomatic ties with Israel despite their support to India during Kargil war. India had to wait for another 10 years until PM Modi came to power to reestablish the friendship between the two countries.

Even during the recent visit of PM Modi to Israel, India did not mention the Kashmir issue during the bilateral talks and there was no direct/indirect reference to prevailing problem between the two countries. But after the recent statements by China supporting Pakistan in Kashmir issue, Israel, Japan and US have openly supported India.

Recently, Japan made a statement supporting India and asked it to maintain the status quo in Doklam region which has given major boost to India. The only reason China is causing unnecessary problems in Doklam is to create tension in the borders along with Pakistan in the west.

But now with Israel supporting India, Pakistan and China will definitely have tough times ahead if they try to create tension in the border. In the long run, it definitely shows how India is isolating both China and Pakistan in the global world which will directly impact their economic status and trade.

Aishwarya S