No, former PM Atal Ji never praised Indira Gandhi by calling her “Durga”! But this journalist is shamelessly spreading fake news even on the death of Atal Ji

Repeat a lie thousand times and the world accepts the lie as Ultimate Truth. Unfortunate that the former Prime Minister of India was a victim of this Propaganda of the media houses. The “Bhishma Pitamah” of Indian Politics never ever called Indira Gandhi as ‘Durga’ but Media & Opposition advertised this lie lacking a staunch Proof.

He kept denying it several times yet this allegation was forced on him. And the situation now even after his death is worse than before, some Journalists trying and cooking up the fake story in the name of paying tribute to him is worse than inhumanity.

Journalism falls to shame today as Senior journalist Nikhil Wagle tweeted this fake news soon after Atal Bihari Vajpayee took his last breath:

According to media reports Vajapayee had called her Durga when she dared to fight for Bangladesh despite the repressions from USA. Many Congress leaders like Mr. Motilal Vohra also claim that Vajapayee has called her “Durga”.

It is natural for media to sensationalize if a politician gives such a statement, that too when he belongs to an opposition party. But, Vajapayee had never made this statement and kept on denying the false allegation on him. But why would any of the media channels bother to listen? They had their TRP’s on top, didn’t they?

Has journalism lost its level of seriousness and dignity to be maintained while the nation has lost a Gem of an Era?? Have we forgotten to respect the souls to depart us? Was this the right time to advertise and dig out this rumored story about the former PM?

In the above video, Vajapayee makes it clear that he had to spend more energy in disapproving the news as he had never called her so. He adds that, for media, he calling her “Durga was a Hot news” and not his disapproval and hence his clarification of the issue was published in a corner of the newspaper whereas the untold statement still remained in the front page!

Yet again a proof made the veteran BJP leader guilt free, when Pupul Jayakar- an author who wrote a book on Indira Gandhi, asked him about it and he denied the allegation on him. Later in the book, Jayakar states that Indira was likened to Durga during the 1971 war, though the statement does not attribute to anyone.



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