No freedom for patriots in Madhya Pradesh? Anti-nationals attack public for singing Vande Mataram in the Congress ruled state

It has been once again proved that the anti-nationals will always have a free-hand in the land where the Congress party is in power. The entire nation took pride in raising pro-India slogans on the 70th Republic Day but this was not the case in Madhya Pradesh, ruled by the billionaire chief minister Kamal Nath.

Yes, a celebratory event was organised by the Municipal Council and when the national anthem, national song and patriotic songs were being played, a group of people objected to the songs and started throwing away chairs in protest. What followed next was that the mob returned back with swords and other weapons and started attacking the people. The anti-nationals didn’t even spare young schoolchildren.

Rajgarh district witnessed this shameful anti-national act and as of now Section-144 has been imposed. Khujner police have booked Balla Khan, Samad Khan, Zakir Khan, Abrar Khan, Shakir Khan, Ayub Khan, Imtiyaz Khan and Sameer Khan for this anti-national act.

This youth school kid, who was the eye witness, narrates the terror lashed out by the anti-nationals!

Rajgarh SP Prashant Khare “We have imposed Section 144 (prohibits assembly of more than 4 people) around Khujner municipal locality area. The situation has been brought under control and additional force has been deployed in the region”. Zee News report said “Rajgarh District Collector Nidhi Nivedita has imposed prohibitory orders under section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) in the jurisdiction of Khujner police station”, while Rajgarh SP added “We have deployed heavy forces there, the situation has been brought under control. Section 144 has been imposed”.

It was reported that due to the attack of anti-nationals, twelve people, including school children were injured. This proved again that there is no safety for patriots wherever the Congress party is in power. Recently within a span of 10 days, three BJP leaders were killed.

Hansika Raj