No Freedom of Press? Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV gets threatened with defamation suit by Mamata Banerjee Govt for exposing her “Dharna Drama”

After 13 long years, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee used her old tactic of resorting to dharnas to fulfill her political greed. Last week she had sat on dharna claiming that CBI is being misused by the Modi government but she had to end it mid-way after the Supreme Court verdict slammed her and permitted the CBI to question IPS Rajeev Kumar, who is an accused in chit fund scam.

Rattled by this, Mamata Banerjee has now decided to attack the media houses that exposed the truth behind why she sat on Dharna. Yes, she has now sent notice to journalist Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV and Republic Bharat over coverage of Kolkata Police versus CBI face-off.

Additional Commissioner of Kolkata Police sent a letter to Arnab Goswami on 7th February and said that the news aired by his news channel was misleading. The Kolkata police stated “Nothing can be farther from truth. Not only was the CP Kolkata available in the city, but had also been attending office on a regular, with the exception of 31.1.19, when he was on leave for a day”.

Further it added “We condemn this misinformation and feel that your channel had aired it with ulterior motives to malign both the Commissioner of Police as an individual and Kolkata Police (/search?query=Kolkata Police) as an organisation”.

Reacting to this, Republic TV’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami said “I am ready to be arrested by Mamata and her henchmen in the Kolkata Police. Mamata should not think she can browbeat me using her stooges in the Kolkata Police”.

What is surprising is that none of the mainstream journalists are criticizing the move of Mamata Banerjee. Last year when the propaganda website The Wire had published a fake report on Amit Shah’s son and got sued for it, the entire pseudo liberals had supported The Wire and slammed Amit Shah’s son. But this time when journalist Arnab Goswami’s channel is attacked, there is a pin drop silence.

Hansika Raj