Bhikshandehi..! No media is talking on the brutal game of the Karnataka state Government over 3016 students. Will you give a hand to them to survive?

The hatredness of Chief Minister of Karnataka towards Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat has finally emptied the plates of thousands of students of Sri Rama Vidya Kendralaya.

Sri Rama Vidya Kendralay, located at Kalladka, directed by Prabhakar Bhat is giving knowledge and also, enlightening the lives of students through teaching yoga and the cultures of ancient India. The school has 3016 students and Prabhakar Bhat, who is also a Sanchalak, is taking care of these poor students of the Vidyalay.

On various reasons of hatredness towards the “Real Leader” Prabhakar Bhat, Government of Sidramayya had taken back “Food Funds”, which was allocated to the school.

Earlier, the school didn’t have ‘Mid-day meal’ facility for the students though it was a Private Authority School. Later, Sri Prabhakar Bhat requested District Commissioner and then as per the request, Government had started to fund through Kollur Mookambika Trust.

The Issue:

Recently, due to communal issue, Sharath Madival was murdered by Muslim Goons in Mangalore. And, then the state government delayed the announcement of his death, as CM Siddaramayya was in a Conference in Mangalore. To oppose this inhuman act of the State Governement, Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat had started the protest against this act which affected the Chief Minister and the Government too. And then, the Government of Siddaramayya stopped funding to this school in order to ruin Sri Bhat and the school as well.

Features of the school:

  • School has a number of 3016 students.
  • Gives moral education with other regular syllabus.
  • 94% of the school children belong to Scheduled Casts.
  • Biggest Kannada Medium School in entire Karnataka.

Questions needed to be answered:

  • Motive of Sidramayya Government is to empower lower castes and to encourage them to get education. But, why didn’t he think about these 94% of scheduled caste students studying in Vidyalay if he is really loyal to his motive?
  • No media is questioning about this inhuman act of the State Government, however they show their mercy on traitors. Why?
  • No Kannada oriented organisations are protesting against this, even though this school is the biggest Kannada medium school in entire Karnataka. Why?
  • No politician is caring about the lives of these students, however they once cared their party politicians on money laundering cases. Why?
  • No Hindutwa oriented organisation is questioning about this issue other than posting updates in social medias. Why?

Postcard News leads the fight against the atrocity of the State Government:

This is not the first time that the Postcard News had jumped into campaigns, previously, when Prashanth Poojary was murdered by communal powers, postcard was successful enough to collect 16 lakhs and handed it to his family. Always, Postcard News fought to deliver the justice when it was needed.

Bhikshan Dehi!!! A campaign to fill the empty stomach of Students.

It was a responsibility of the state government to fulfil one of the basic needs i.e. the food to the poor students. Unfortunately, Karnataka Congress chose communal politics over hungry tummies. But, Postcard News has taken the great responsibility upon its shoulder to look after the “Mid-day meals” of kids for Eight months.

When the intension is noble, even the supreme power of the universe will help us to achieve it.

We will stop after the aim of this campaign is achieved and come back again if justice needs to be fulfilled.

What we are doing?

When Postcard News visited the school, there we found a hundreds of empty lunch box and hungry stomach as well. For us, they are only the ‘Future Generation of India’. We neither could see any community nor any caste. And, to fulfil their hungry tummies and to serve them, we are begging! These students will be hungry for the next eight months as the Congress government will be no more after the state election.

We are asking for “Bhiksha”, so that we could serve them for next eight months.

How can you help?

  • It will cost Rs.10 for the mid-day meal of one student.
  • You can help these kids for their meals for a day, or a month by funding.


You can fund through banking.

Sri Rama Vidya Kendra Trust
A/C : 2832500100045001
IFSC code : KARB0000283
Karnataka Bank

And, send the copy of the receipt to either of the below links.

WhatsApp: 9844108708
E-mail:  [email protected].com
Tweet: @mvmeet
FB : Mahesh Vikram Hegde and Vivek Shetty

– Team Postcard