No, Mohammed Haris was not just involved in goondaism, check why he had threatened to slaughter a lady 3 years back?!

This expose will shock the country for sure. If you have thought that Mohammed Haris is involved only in goondaism and rowdism you are completely wrong. This information will give you chills.

After Mohammed Haris episode of goonda act was exposed yesterday, the entire country saw one face of this criminal, but nobody knows what is his real background and what had happened 3 years back. This man Mohammed Haris, is no ordinary man but has been found to have many links with anti-National elements who have played a key role in disrupting peace in the country. This information was exposed by a lady called Poornima Das who became the victim 3 years back.

Poornima Das is a member of Jaya Karnataka, a pro-Kannada organization in Bangalore. Three years back, this lady had got an invitation to attend an event called the South Indian NGO Conference which had taken place in Canopy Hotel, Bangalore. This was attended by various NGO groups and other organisations from South India. Mohammed Haris was also part of this event.

Poornima Das said she noticed very unusual activities in the conference, there was no discussions on NGOs or any other service oriented topics. Instead many were asked about their religion and those Hindus who attended the Conference were made to sit separately. The inauguration of the event was done by doing namaz and reading Quran which surprised many people who attended the event. According to Poornima, the environment turned suffocating for Hindus who were humiliated in the conference and they were treated as aliens. Poorinam Das faced extreme insult as organisers asked very uncomfortable questions to her.

But on the second day of the event something very scary happened which revealed the real intention of the conference and the organisers said Poornima. A man from Delhi had attended the event made a small speech about minorities in India, soon after his speech he passed some letters to everyone in the conference in which it was written “Ways to convert Hindustan into Muslim Majority Nation by 2020.”

There were letters being passed to everyone which said that India needs to be converted to Muslim Majority Nation by 2020. It described that India never gave respect to minorities and the only way to dominate the country was to make it a Muslim majority Nation after which we can take over India under our rule.

The conference which was attended by majority of Muslims started giving ideas and opinions in the conference on the ways to convert India into an Islamic country. This was something which shocked Poornima. She immediately raised objections to the topic discussed after which she was threatened by Mohammed Haris supporters. They said this was Muslims conference and warned her to remain quiet or walk out of the conference, but when Poornima refused, they walked towards her and said we will chop you into pieces and throw on street. Poornima said she had then recorded the entire event on her phone, noticing that, the goons in the conference snatched her phone and smacked it on the floor. She was abused using derogatory words and threatened to murder her.

She said she was thrown out of the Conference after which Mohammed Haris supporters followed her till the parking area and again threatened her to chop into pieces. Terrified Poornima had later visited the same Cubbon Park police station where Mohammed Haris is now in jail to report about the threats she had received. But the police had refused to register the case and asked her to go to a different police station in Ulsoor. She was made to roam from one police station to other for over a week and no one ever came to her support.

This is the Conference which Poornima is taking about!

She claimed no media, no police supported her, she was living in fear for almost 3 years now and it is only after Mohammaed Haris goonda act exploded, she has come out in open to reveal this shocking story. So, the entire episode was not just about goondaism but Mohammed Haris was involved with such organisation which were trying to convert the entire Nation into Islamic rule.

But there are reports now emerging that Mohammed Haris link with drug mafia. Internal reports given by a few police personnel say that his connection with drug mafia has been since long and there are many powerful hands linked with the mafia. However, these issues never come out as they are dealt in the highest level.

Aishwarya S