No more appeasement politics! Here’s why the Yogi Govt cancelled the recruitment of 4000 Urdu teachers

Since, CM Yogi Adityanath Government has come to power it has made sure to end all the legacies of Samajwadi Party. It took so many steps to convert “Islamic State of Yadav Pradesh” to “Uttam Pradesh of CM Yogi”.

Taking yet another bold move today to end the appeasement politics of Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party Government; Yogi Government has cancelled the recruitment of 4000 Urdu teachers for Basic Education department.

These all teachers were recruited under the Samajwadi era. The total posts for recruitment of teachers announced in Uttar Pradesh at that time were 16,460, out of which 4000 posts were for Urdu teachers.

The recruitment process of Urdu teachers was started on 15 December 2016. The online application process was started from December 23, 2016, and the application was submitted till January 2017. The counselling date was announced in March 2017.

But before the counselling be held, CM Yogi Government came to power and put to an end the vote bank politics plan of Samajwadi Party Government

On March19, 2017, Yogi Adityanath sworn in as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and On March 23, 2017, Yogi Government stopped the recruitment process and didn’t forward it for one year. Due to which the candidates got outrageous and registered a case against the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board or Uttar Pradesh Basic Shiksha Parishad at the High Court. In turn the High court ruled in favour of the candidates and asked the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board to complete the recruitment process.

But Yogi Government doesn’t want at any cost this appeasement propaganda of Akhilesh Yadav to prosper. Yogi Government has cancelled the recruitment of 4,000 Urdu teachers in the state’s government schools citing the non requirement of these teachers. The Additional Chief Secretary of Basic Education Department, Prabhat Kumar said that there is a large number of Urdu teachers working in the primary schools which is why recruitment was not required.

Moreover, CM Yogi Government will file a review petition against the decision of the High Court soon. Yogi Government will not let caste, appeasement, mafia rule for which Samjwadi Party has sown seats to bloom. It will cut directly from the roots.

Source : India Today

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