No more harassment of women! Uttar Pradesh man booked for giving triple talaq to wife over phone

After repeated attempts by PM Narendra Modi Government, Muslim women were finally revealed from the burden of the age old practice. Its been not even a month that Indian Judiciary has declared a well known practice of Islam, “Triple Talaq” as a punishable offence in India. And here’s a case registered of a man for giving Triple Talaq to his wife over the phone!!

The Man has been booked by the Uttar Pradesh Police for his offence he has dared to commit. This is the fourth case that has been reported in a week and second from UP.

The case, allegedly over a dowry issue, comes weeks after the Central Government under PM Modi passed an ordinance criminalizing Triple Talaq. According to the woman’s mother, Reshma, her daughter was being harassed by her in-laws. She alleged that her son-in-law, who lives in Saudi Arabia, divorced her daughter after she couldn’t arrange for the dowry.

“My daughter was being mistreated by her in-laws. Her sister in law also forced her to leave the house, threatened her not to stay there anymore. I brought her to my house and they started demanding her to bring money and threatened of talaq (divorce). Later, my son-in-law gave triple talaq to my daughter over the phone from Saudi Arabia. We demand strict action against this injustice,” Reshma said.

Chandbabu (the accused) pronounced Triple Talaq (divorce in Islam) thrice to his wife Noori over phone on the 10th of September when her family members did not fulfill his dowry demand. The accused was demanding Rs 50,000 and a motorcycle as dowry, as per the complaint received by the Police.

Noori reported to the police, “I have been married for eight months. My mother-in-law beats me and demands to bring a motorcycle and fifty thousand rupees.”

“This woman’s husband lives in Saudi Arabia. We have received a complaint that he has given ‘talaq’ to her. Based on the complaint, we have registered a case under the provisions of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act and other relevant sections under the Indian Penal Code. We are investigating the case and necessary action will be taken,” the police said.

Triple Talaq, or verbal divorce, is often practiced by a section in the Muslim community in India to divorce their wives instantly by saying the word ‘Talaq’ thrice. Several Muslim and women organisations have, over the years, denounced the practice, calling it un-Islamic and anti-women. Thus urged our Prime Minister to take action against it and thus grant a better life to Muslim Women in India.

Quite a many of the Women have thanked PM Modi over his sincere efforts towards the abolishing of the practice and have declared him to be the PM who keeps up with his promise to public.

Source: Timesnow news

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