If no one is guilty, then who looted 1.70 lakh crores? The reality will shatter Indians

2G Spectrum verdict is out, and no one except Congress is happy!

It has been more than 7 years, and the verdict regarding the 2G Spectrum scam came out after a turmoil of accusations and controversies. The court found that the prosecution could not prove its charges against A Raja, Kanimozhi and the rest of the accused individuals, owing to ‘misreading’ of documents and the oral witnesses that did not own the allegations on the witness box.

The accused have been freed of the charges for the time being. Though the judgement does not prove that the 2G scam was an honest mistake, Congress has begun celebrating its temporary victory. The fact remains that this judgement does not overshadow the Supreme Court judgement which had cancelled the licenses of all the service providers who had illegally obtained licenses from A Raja and his party under the 2G Spectrum scam.

The state treasury has suffered a loss of whopping Rs. 1,76,379 crores owing to this scam brought to limelight in 2010, and today the judgement has been passed out inferring that it was ‘nobody’s mistake’. An 80,000 pages long charge sheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation over a span of 7 years was not validated well enough at court by the prosecution. Well then, we wonder if the money walked out of the treasury on its own, for the witnesses that once made confident statements now backed out in a state of doubt. There were 122 telecom licenses cancelled in 2012, which had obtained the right to function from A Raja and his team over submission of ficticious documents, throwaway prices and half baked information.

The court had, at the time, declared the cancelled licenses ‘unconstitutional and arbitrary’. There were also charges filed against A Raja and Kanimozhi against money laundering in connection to the 2G Spectrum case. Providing interim bails for the accused had brought up claims that they shall mislead the investigative proceedings, which now seems like a reasonable claim considering the behaviour of witnesses and the miserable failure of the CBI in validating its own charges.

While the 122 telecom service providers whose licenses were cancelled stand as solid proof, somehow we failed yet again in convicting the rightfully accused in court. Regardless of the judgement that has provided a considerable relief to the accused individuals, a few facts about the scam remain, which will never allow the country to trust the names in concern ever again.

The primary fact is that in 2010, when the Indian opposition parties unanimously asked for the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) in order to look into the scam, the proposal was rejected three times. The fourth time it was formed, it confidently accused the CBI of being partial towards the then Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, the attorney general Dayanidhi Maran and Chidambaram. Also, the then telecoms minister A Raja, who is the primary accused in the case was also claimed to be protected by Karunanidhi; this claim being made by the then CM of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha herself.

Once the decision of the court was made public, prominent names such as Subramanian Swamy and Senior Lawyer Prashant Bhushan termed the judgement wrong, and confidently remarked that it must be taken to higher court. On the other hand, there are also people who make statements such as ‘the scam was created out of the blue’. Well yes, there are skilled yet jobless individuals within the CBI who can ‘create’ a 80,000 pages long report of a 1,76,379 crores worth scam that never happened; if that is what they are trying to infer.

However, except for a few inconsiderate creatures within the country, most Indians are surely not happy of the court’s decision. The matter will pass on to higher court, there is no doubt regarding that. However, we can only hope that this time the accused parties will not be given the liberty to interfere with the witnesses and mislead the proceedings. There might be a little delay caused, but justice will be served nonetheless.

Trisha Jay