No one should miss to watch how brilliantly Sanju Verma thrashed Sabha Naqvi on live debate which literally froze her!

There are a set of so called pseudo secularists in our country who are mainly responsible for spewing venom and creating divide in the society. These people earn their livelihood by ranting against Hindus and India.

They go to an extent of supporting Pakistan and blaming our Army jawans, they call the people who chant anti India slogans heroes just for their hate against PM Modi. The level of hatred has gone to the extent of encouraging anti India forces which are responsible for the destabilizing India in the name of Freedom of speech.

Sabha Naqvi is one such pseudo secularists who has spent all her life ranting against Hindus. These hypocrites have time to cry for terrorists like Burhan Wani, Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon, but do not have time to condemn the attacks on Indian army. They created a fake intolerance debate to make secure their positions and mint money from international agencies calling India communal.

Sanju Verma, the spokesperson of the BJP in one of the debate has given a befitting reply to this lady. Her questions literally froze Sabha Naqvi on live debate. The manner in which Sanju verma attacked Sabha is something one should not miss, describing the way she blasted her, will not do justice for her talk…Watch it yourself!

Aishwarya S