No, PM Modi was not shooting for a film at Corbett National Park even after the Pulwama terror attack, as claimed by Congress party

The blatant lies of the Congress party under its habitual liar president reaches a new low. Since a week the Congress party is blabbering that PM Modi was busy in a photo shoot even after the news of attack on the CRPF Jawans at Pulwama had reached every nooks and corners of the nation.

Before finding out whether PM Modi was involved in a photo shoot in Uttarkhand even after the Pulwama attack, let me remind you that Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi was busy dancing in Gujarat with his supporters. You can read the big expose on Rahul Gandhi’s dance below.

Now it’s time to debunk the lies of Congress party and its supporters. The dastardly attack on the CPRF convoy took place at around 3:15 PM on February 14th. The Congress party claimed that PM Modi was clicking selfies and filming videos even after 6 PM at Corbett National park.

Have a look at the tweets made by Congress party chief:

Even the Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala held a press conference and lied that PM Modi was having snacks and shooting a film at Corbett National park.

What’s the truth? Did PM Modi really continue his photo shoot even after 6 PM?

Rahul Gandhi had posted several pictures in his tweets and said PM Modi was enjoying at Corbett National park even after the Pulwama attack. But while analyzing one of the image posted by him, we found out that it was clicked hours before the terror attack.

Vishwaketu Vaidya, who is the legislative assembly social media coordinator for BJP, Nainital, posted an image of PM Modi where he sat in a motor boat. The tweet with the image was made at 1:52 PM, but the Congress used the same image and claimed it was clicked after the attack.

The below tweet itself is enough to prove that Congress was peddling lies.

Not just the above tweet, but several news agencies had tweeted the image of PM Modi in motor boat hours before the Pulwama attack.

Have a look at the below video. The news channel informed at its 2 PM bulletin that PM Modi was at the Corbett National park. During the bullet, the channel showed the pictures of PM Modi near the lake which was later used by Rahul Gandhi in his tweets.

These evidence prove that Rahul Gandhi and his men lied about PM Modi’s photo-shoot in Uttarkhand. Infact, PM Modi had even cancelled his visit to a rally in Uttarkhand after he came to know about the Pulwama attack.

Hansika Raj