“No question of celebrating Jinnah in India”: Yogi Adityanath makes strong statement!

Before we look into Yogi Adityanatha’s statement, we should first ask, have we ever heard any news in 70 years from Pakistan that a portrait of Sardar Patel or Dr B R ambedkar being put in a Pakistan University??

Obviously not. The reason is the Pakistan will show any honour to any India at no point of time. Why because they consider us enemies. But in India we will hear atlest 100 incidents where our so called seculars hoisting Pakistani flag, celebrating Pakistani Independence day, supporting Pakistani cricket team and burst crackers when Pakistan wins and stand for their National anthem.

These people are very fond of insulting India flag, chanting anti India slogans and demanding Azadi from India. But this time few of these people had gone to an extent of displaying the Portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah in the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)  which disturbed the entire Nation. The reason an enemy Nation leader’s portrait was displayed in India was because they have soft corner for each other due to their religious beliefs. For these people religion comes first and then comes country and patriotism.

However, for such people the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has sent a stern warning saying there is no question of celebrating Jinnah. The statement from Chief Minister came after a massive agitation broke out in university against displaying Jinnah portrait. The Pro Nationalist activists demanded answers from the Vice Chancellor for displaying the picture of a man who has raged war against India.

But UP CM Yogi Adityanath has made it clear that wit his stern warning to all those pseudo seculars who take all benefits from India and praise Pakistan and its leaders.

Check how people reacted when AMU displayed portrait of Jinnah.

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