No reconstructing mosques allegedly destroyed in 2002 Gujarat riots using public money: Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court today quashed the Gujarat High court order to rebuild mosques which were said to be destroyed in 2002 Gujarat riots.

The Gujarat High Court in 2012 had ordered the reconstruction of mosques using public money which were allegedly destroyed during the 2002 Gujarat riots. But an appeal was made by the Gujarat government in the Supreme Court against the order of reconstructing mosques using government money, claiming that it would cause huge burden on the government and people.

The Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice (CJI) Dipak Misra, and also comprising Justice Prafulla Chandra Pant and Justice DY Chandrachud, passed order after hearing arguments from both sides. The apex court said that the Gujarat Government scheme was proposed by the State Government which was for commercial and residential and will be applied for religious sites also.

This is a major set back for few NGO’s and Human rights activists who in the name of 2002 riots had held the state government for ransom. The appeal was made only to reconstruct damaged mosque with an intention to appease Muslim vote banks in the state. But there was no mention about the reconstruction of Temples or other public properties which were equally damaged during the riots.

It is indeed a lesson for the political parties who misuse riots, violence for their benefit and later snatch public money in the name of development. The NGOs and Human Rights Activists who claim to save victims of Gujarat riots should rather use money from their pockets to reconstruct religious places instead of holding governments for ransom.

Aishwarya S