NO Talks with Those who Call Pakistan Zindabad!!!

The Muslim delegation which met home minister Rajnath Singh yesterday has sent strong message seeking to STOP ALL TALKS WITH SEPARATISTS!

The delegation said there is absolutely no use speaking to people who do not want peace. They have also said the opposition parties who want talks with separatists should stop pleasing Separatists and follow the home minister”™s instructions and isolate separatists.

Maulana Ansar Raza, the chairman of Garib Nawaz Foundation who lead the delegation said talks should proceed with only those who say “Hindustan Zindabad” and not “Pakistan Zindabad”! He said he has confidence in the government commitment to solve Kashmir problem and Rajnth Singh will solve it. Raza has also suggested that all imams of the Dargahs of India should form a delegation under Rajnath Singh and visit Kashmir and talk about the Sufism Bill. Then this problem will get solve.  He also said Kashmir is integral part of India and will remain so.

Raza said: “Why should we go to them? Kashmiri kahwa tou Dilli me bhi milta hai (Kashmiri kahwa is available in Delhi too),” Raza said. He called the members of all-party delegation who went to meet the Hurriyat leaders “chai khor”.

This is the very first time that the Muslim delegation has shown full support to the government on Kashmir issue.

The all party meeting which was again held in Delhi today saw some opposition parties demanding the government to initiate talks with Separatists and Pakistan. It is very foolish of the some opposition parties to force government to talk to someone who is not interested in restoring peace in the valley. The main reason for Kashmir problem is the separatists and Pakistan who under no circumstance want the issue to be solved. The Burhan Wani episode wasn”™t the real reason for violence but separatists demand to make Kashmir Aazad from Hindustan is the main reason.

The government is moving in the right direction by isolating and tightening the stand on separatists, the only parties who are forcing dialogue with these hate mongers are Left and Congress. It”™s very evident that Congress and Left are seeing political mileage and do not want the Kashmir issue to be resolved ever. Congress and left have been soft on terror and sympathising terrorists like Burhan Wani which has costed India dearly.

Rajnath Singh gave a tough message saying “I want to clarify that some members of the (all-party) delegation had gone to meet members of the Hurriyat+ in their individual capacity. The separatists did not say yes and they did not say no. The way they treated the members of the delegation can in no way be portrayed as Kashmiriyat, insaniyat (humanity) or democratic (jamhooriyat),”

The centre is all set to curb benefits all perks given to separatists like foreign trips, security and medical treatment.

Its the right time to put the separatists where they belong. Kashmir has seen endless violence, its time it is taken into mainstream of development!

Aishwarya S


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