North East with BJP! The saffron party surging ahead in the Assam Panchayat Polls

All those who are celebrating the loss of Modi Government in Assembly elections and think the time have come for Modi Government to go here’s big punch on their face. Modi magic is still on and will continue for long. The party might have missed the majority mark in recent elections but it is shining in other parts of nation

In the recently held Panchayat Elections in Assam, one of the seven sisters of North-East Region BJP is outpacing its opponents with a great margin. BJP has won the highest number of seats in the first day of counting of panchayat polls

Although the counting is still underway for the elections but according to the latest trends it seems BJP is set to win around 60% of the total seats whereas Congress is winning around 30% of the seats and others including Assam Gana Parishad will have 10 % of seat share.

Till now BJP has won 5741 Gaon Panchayat Member seats, 715 Gaon Panchayat President seats, 621 Anchalik Panchayat Member seats,174 Zila Parishad Member seats, 2403 Gaon Panchayat Member seats, 672 Gaon Panchayat President seats whereas other parties not even stand near to BJP.

The polling was held for the 26,808 posts in two phases. All the major political parties including BJP, Congress, Asom Gana Parishad, Bodoland Peoples Front and All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) contested the elections.
Another interesting thing about the Elections is that they are conducted on the ballot paper.EVM Machines are not a part of election. So what justification Congress has now to give for its failure. Congress should stop fooling the people and accept the people’s mandate whatever it be

Seven sisters of the North East of India have thrown the Congress out of the region and have proved Atal ji’s sayings true, “The sun will rise in North East and lotus will bloom everywhere”. There are BJP and NDA governments in all the North Eastern states. The people of Assam have shown the mirror to the Congress that they are not even worth winning in the Panchayat elections.

The entire country should learn from these seven sisters, how by rejecting the politics of casteism one can move toward the path of development

Here’s the complete tally of seats won by different parties as of now

Gaon Panchayat Member


Congress- 4492




Gaon Panchayat President
Trends/Wins available for 1456 out of 2199 seats






Anchalik Panchayat member
Trends/Wins for 1233/2199

BJP- 621

Cong- 413

AGP -64


Others- 76

Zilla Parishad member
Trends/Wins of 321/420

BJP -174

Cong- 106

AGP- 16


Others- 6

Source : DNA