Do not ban animals in Jallikattu, ban these MLA’s who are murdering our democracy!

The Tamil Nadu state assembly was reduced to nothing short of a typical C-grade movie. The state which has always been in the news for 2 things, movies and politics made a mockery of our democracy as local MLA’s clashed with each other. The house was disrupted till 1p.m and later adjourned till 3 in the afternoon. The assembly began at 11a.m and was soon found to be in a state of utter chaos as DMK MLA’s gathered around the well of the house and tried to usurp the speaker’s seat. An administrative official of the assembly was injured amidst the chaos.

Earlier Panneerselvam camp demanded a secret ballot while DMK demanded postponement of the trust vote. However both the demands were rejected by the speaker. Palaniswami who was elected Chief Minister on February 16 was given 15 days time by the governor Vidyasagar Rao to prove his majority.  However, he decided to seek the vote on Saturday.

It was surprising to see the unruly behavior of the representatives of Tamil Nadu’s people. Matters turned ugly when M.K Stalin & Thuraimurugan were removed from the assembly by security guards. Stalin was later seen ripping or unbuttoning his shirt as though he had accomplished something great. (He wanted to do a Slaman Khan may be).

Tamil Nadu speaker P Dhanapal witnessed a nightmare in broad daylight as he witnessed goons disguised as politicians disrupting live proceedings. The speaker was further embarrassed as his shirt was torn & abuses were hurled at him from all corners. When asked to comment the speaker said that he was shell shocked & could not speak about it as he had lost something which could not be valued in tangible terms. This unprecedented hooliganism took the expected turn when E. Palanaswami was declared the winner of the floor test.  Eventually it was Sasikala’s proxy who emerged with the support of 122 MLA’s.  The people of Tamil Nadu who have been disappointed for long since Amma’s death had nothing much to celebrate or feel elated about.

Leading actor Kamal Haasan took a jibe at the politicians by stating that the politicians had shown utter disregard and mocked the democracy.

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