Not just how UPA manufactured Hindu terror narrative, this book written by former MHA officer reveals something sensational about Congress Party that no Indian should miss reading

Undoubtedly, the period of the Congress rule witnessed by nation is one of the most horrific phase. It was a period marked by serial blasts and terror attacks, including the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack From common people to the official’s everyone was under threat of the UPA Government. The security officers were pressurised so much that they were left to choose only one option either save the nation or save yourself. They were pressurised to take illegal, immoral actions that was best suitable to the political agenda of UPA.(SundayGuardian)

This has been revealed by none other than the former home ministry officer RVS Mani. Mani was part of the Internal Security (IS) department during the UPA era. In his book titled “Hindu Terror” the officer has torn apart the UPA Government wrongdoings bit by bit, that they have taken for destroying the nation. He revealed that how the UPA Government has forced the officials to create the false narrative of “Hindu Terror”.

He penned down the incident happened in 2006 when he was called by the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil to his chamber where another senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh and former Maharashtra IPS officer Hemant Karkare was also present and he was asked to share information on terrorist attacks. He expressed that with the information provided by him of involvement of a particular religious group in most of the terror attacks the leaders were unhappy and this was the time when the first seed of “Hindu Terror” was sown. And then the Congress Government keep on watering it.

According to him, “At a time when we had the best team in the IS division , the attitude of the government in power and intent to cover every terror incident as ‘saffron’ and the ambivalence in acting against the real perpetrators of the terror attacks was making this country a cannon folder for those with evil designs against India”. The most difficult time encountered by the officers was at the time of Mumbai Attacks when as a part of plot of Congress all the officers were sent to Pakistan. In his book, the officer has also revealed the minute details that how under UPA terrorists were able to secure themselves. Many prominent personalities names are revealed who were also the part of the plot.

It also reveals how due to top political intervention credible inputs about an impending terror attack on Mumbai were not heeded to by the MHA as a result of which it was the agencies and officials who got the blame for not being able to stop the attack.

The officer has also made stunning revelations about how P. Chidambaram brought about a non-existent Hindu terror narrative into existence. According to him, NIA under P. Chidambaram has always overlooked the evidences and replaced it with the evidences supporting the Hindu terror narrative. Although the same officers have admitted off the record that they had no evidence of any organised Hindu terror.  Not only this the officer has also revealed that how the UPA Government were against providing any hardcore evidence against Dawood to the UN

He also writes about how an iconic property in Lutyens Delhi (which was 7, Race Course Road, the residence of the Prime Minsiter—Mani has chosen not to mention) was “sold” to an NRI. The official has also torn apart the UPA claim of carrying out the surgical strikes during the period of 2006-2010 as the officer said he didn’t receive any orders to implement these safeguards.

The officer has made stunning revelations in the book and has completely exposed that how Congress Government has been destroying the nation since long. Why no main stream media is showing this? Their reality should be brought in front of people. Many innocents have been the victim of this corrupt party and its leaders policies. Several leaders, officers and people have been falsely trapped by the Congress party in spreading their false narratives and even they were tortured and put behind the bars. People would be a fool even after knowing this they will still vote for the Congress Party. These culprits should be thrown out of nation by the people. At any cost, people should not let them come in power again.

Source : SundayGuardian