Not just land and Rs 75 crores, India had agreed to give much more to Pakistan!!! This was the main reason for the death of Gandhiji

When we talk of the 1947 partition, first thing that come to our mind is the massacre of more than a million Hindus and Sikhs. But a person who has a bit more knowledge of the Indo-Pak partition may say that lakhs of teenage Hindu girls were raped in front of their family by radical elements.

Now the real story of the 1947 partition which was hidden from the Indians starts from here. As per the agreement, India has to give Rs 75 crores to Pakistan but after the first instalment of Rs 20 crores was handed over to Pakistan as per the agreement, it showed its cunning mentality.
Partition became a reason for Gandhiji’s death!!!

Yes, Pakistan launched an attack to grab Jammu & Kashmir on October 22, 1947 and this continued for over a year. Soon after defeating this rogue nation in that war, India decided not to hand over the remaining Rs 55 crores. Shockingly, Mahatma Gandhi threatened to go on a fast to force the Government of India to pay Rs 55 crores to Pakistan. Nathuram Godse after assassinating Gandhiji, stated that this was one of the prominent reasons that provoked him to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

Narayan Apte who was hanged till death for killing Gandhiji was a son of a well-known historian and sanskrit scholar. It was on January 13th (the day when Gandhiji decided to go on a fast to force India to pay Rs 55 crore to Pakistan) Narayan Apte had made up his mind to kill Gandhiji.

Here we present several facts that reveal that not just money and land was divided, but each and every asset was split!!!

  • Pakistan got 17.5 % while India got 82.5 % in terms of monetary and liquid assets. To your amusement, currency notes, coins, postal and revenue stamps, gold reserves and assets of the Reserve Bank of India were divided. This division was considered so seriously that even Rs 75 rupee petty cash was divided which was present with a district commissioner in a remote part of Nagaland.
  • The division ratio varied for every item. Yes, the ratio was 80:20 between India and Pakistan for the division of all movable and non-liquid assets. Every item that was found in government premises like tables, chairs, stationery, stocks of light bulbs, ink pots, brooms and blotting paper were divided. Even the library books were not spared from this as they were divided between these two nations.
  • On the basis of rail track and roadway mileage, railway rolling stock and government vehicles were divided.

Now you may ask why India only India had to give Rs 75 crores and why not Pakistan?

As per the agreement, Pakistan had to give Rs 470 crore to India. But Pakistan has stuck to its reputation of breaking agreements. Yes, it still owes Rs 300 crores to India.

Partition ratio was even enforced on police stations!!!

Let us take an example of a police station at Lahore where the Police Superintendent divided everything between Hindu deputy and a Muslim deputy. It included leggings, turbans, lathis and rifles. In this Lahore police station, the last things that remained were the instruments of the police band. Flute and trumpet went to Pakistan while drum and cymbals came to India.

Only one dictionary what at the library!!! Do you know what the two nations did?

The bundles of Encyclopaedia Britannica in the Punjab Government library were divided between the two nations. While only one dictionary was left, it was ripped and pages from A-K went to India and rest was handed over to Pakistan.

There were even wines present but for Pakistan, consumption of wine was forbidden due to their religion as it is termed as “Haraam”. But the greedy Pakistan demanded the money of the value of the wine.

Pakistan didn’t have its own currency!!! What it did for this was foolish

At the time of partition, only one government press printed currency notes. India clearly refused to hand over it or divide it. So the helpless Pakistan rubber stamped “Pakistan” over “India” on the currency notes.

Even coin was tossed to decide!!!

The Viceroy of India had 2 sets of Royal carriages which were of gold and silver respectively. So to decide this, a coin was tossed and luckily India got the gold trimmed set.

This is the real story of India’s partition but sadly this is not preached in the history textbooks.

Source: https://mjambhekar.wordpress.com/2006/04/09/partition-and-the-55-crore-issue/

Hansika Raj