Not Modi factor, not anti incumbency…here is why BJP really lost 2018 state elections!

2014 was not just any elections, it was an election which changed the course of India’s future and set new trends in the political history. One of the biggest highlight was how a man who was falsely accused of inciting violence 10 years showed the world what he really was and how he managed to silence everyone with his development and Nationalism.

Apart from Gujaratis and few other people, majority of people never watched Modi closely and never knew his working style. He is a man who gave a new meaning to a leader and politician. He took the state of Gujarat from being the underdeveloped to become of the fastest growing cities. He lifted the state which was suffering after Earthquakes and violence to a peaceful state of development. In a span of 10 years, the whole scenario of Gujarat had changed. With no single charge of corruption, nepotism, favoritism he built his foundation and turned it into a model which the world appreciated. With the entire world against him, with the party distancing him, he single single handedly destroyed Congress in Gujarat.

Projecting him as PM candidates was the biggest advantage to BJP as he was not just anyone but a face of anti corruption, a Hindutva icon and a Nationalist. People gave up their careers, their jobs, their personal lives just to make sure Modi wins the 2014 elections.

This was what made BJP win a whopping 282 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi brought some of the best developmental schemes and created record in providing facilities to people which was well received. His popularity grew like never before and he became one of the most undisputed leaders in India.

The schemes  which he started reached the last man on ground, transformed lives of the most neglected class of the society. While many of his schemes became massive success, there were some of his schemes which did not send the expected message to his core voters. The biggest hindrance to Modi came not by opposition, but by his own MPs who had won elections not because of their ability but because of Modi wave.

These so called leaders enjoyed their tenure in Modi’s name contributing zero to the party or the country. They who could not even win elections were given Rajya Sabha seats, minister posts just to make sure they do not go against the party. These people neither took the schemes of Modi to the people, nor did they help the party win in any states. This is something that should worry PM Modi huge.

It is not just about the schemes of Modi government, but few state leaders are so arrogant that they have neglected the core voter base who helped BJP win elections big time. When hundreds of karyakarthas were targeted on ground and on social media the party cared for none. When many Right Wing activists were arrested based on Congress complaints, the party did not bother to help them. The BJP was saved from media lies by Social media warriors who risked their lives for the party, but ultimately the utter ignorance of the party, made them lose interest and degraded their spirit.

The karyakarthas who are the ground mobilizers get no support from many leaders and many revealed that in some places that leaders have gone for backroom understanding with the oppositions parties. This scenario was seen even during Karnataka elections where many leaders were found to have made understanding with JDS and Congress candidates for money.

On the other had, some of the so called Hindu supporters have campaigned for NOTA giving an impression that PM Modi is anti Hindu. These vested interest groups who were waiting for posts and positions in the government started campaigning against Modi when they did not get recognition. The NOTA percentage has been the major factor for BJP losing many seats in Gujarat, Karnataka and a wipe out in MP.

When this is the scenario, how do we expect PM Modi to fight a lone battle?

A country which was destroyed for 60 years, cannot be straightened overnight and needs years or a decade to get back on track.We should accept PM Modi is after all Human Being and there may be flaws in his decisions. But that doesn’t mean we can campaign against him and indirectly make way for the worst people to occupy power.

Same time, BJP leadership will have to take their cadre commitment and work seriously and make sure they are not treated as use and throw material.

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