Not one, not two but actor Prakash Raj has three voter IDs, this is the same man who gave lectures on constitution!

South Indian film actor who has been in news for all wrong reasons of supporting anti National elements who chanted anti India slogans and naxals has now been caught in his own web.

Actor Prakash Edward Raj who is well known for his hatred against Hindus has always been supporting urban naxals who are trying their way to divide the society and destabilize India. He campaigned for Congress during Karnataka elections and still continues to do so. His political and religious ideology has made him spread hatred against Hindus to an extent where he went to insult Lord Ayyappa and the customs of Sabarimala.

He who himself spreads hate against Hindus, showed the audacity to question RSS and BJP and accused them of being communal. This man who said constitution and democracy is in danger under PM Modi, has now crossed the law and limits of constitution to have fake voter IDs.

A report which was published in one of the Kannada news channels, showed that Prakash Raj owned 3 voter IDs which had three different adders in Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Having more than one voter ID accounts to violating the People’s act of 1951 which is a punishable offense.

A complaint was filed against Prakash Raj by Jagan Kumar and Satish to the Chief Election Commissioner who requested them to take immediate action against Prakash Raj.

Take a look!

According to the report, Prakash Raj has two voter IDs and his names registered in Tamil Nadu’s Valechery’s constituency and another in Telangana’s Rangareddy constituency which are all active. So he can vote atleast two-three times in different constituencies.

This man who himself behaved like fraud questions others and their moral responsibility. The CEC should take stringent action against such frauds and bring him to books.

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