Not One Single Indian Rupee of Ours Should Go To Terror Country Pakistan!

After the Uri terror attack, a well-known political party from Maharashtra released a letter and urged all the Pakistani artists to pack their bags and get out of India. This has once again brought everyone’s attention to one question; do we really need Pakistani singers and actors in India? Why can’t producers find talent in country’s 125 crore population? As it is well known, Twitter is divided on this issue.

Besides small projects, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar’s Raees and Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are in trouble as they feature Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. SRK’s love for Pakistan is well known; he had donated money to Pakistani flood victims in 2010, but did not donate for Uttarakhand floods in 2013 until he was criticized for not doing so. The actor also has relatives in Pakistan as per Times of India’s report that claimed former ISI chief is SRK’s relative.

As expected, well known leftist journalists and Pak sympathizers are out to support Pakistani artists. Those supporting Pakistani artists often raise the issue that India should consider cutting trade ties completely with Pakistan. One such well-known Pakistan supporter-journalist claimed every Indian movie makes huge money from Pakistan.

How much business do Bollywood movies make out of Pakistan?

To know more about this, PostCard News interacted with Bollywood’s famous producer and screenplay writer Shabbir Boxwala.

He has written several of Bollywood flicks like- Mohra, Gupt, Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat, Dil Ka Rishta, etc.  His recently released romantic comedy- Ishq Forever was banned in Pakistan because the main villain from this movie is a portrayed as a Pakistani militant.

While sharing his opinion about Pakistan’s censor board, Boxwala said that the country’s censor board does not have proper guidelines and they can refuse a certificate to any Indian film without a valid reason.

“As far as business for Indian films is concerned, only a few movies make money. Especially, those with a big star cast and big banner,”-said Boxwala, who has never worked with Pakistani artists.

Another well-known producer who interacted on a condition of anonymity shared his opinion that this issue often pops up after a terror attack on India. But, the government never takes any initiative to ban Pakistani artists or even Pakistani’s former ministers who come here and sell their books to make money. Central government should take firm action like cancelling every Pakistani artist”™s visa.

“Instead of proving security and spending taxpayer’s money, states should consider asking them to leave on security grounds,”-said the producer who does not wish to be named.

Can asking Pakistani actors and singers to exit help in reducing terror?

Logically, all the Pakistani artists and politicians make money in India and then pay taxes in Pakistan. It’s clear that Pakistan Government’s intelligence agency ISI has its hand behind most of the terror attacks in India. Thus, to put it in layman’s words, when we pay a Pakistani artist, we indirectly pay a small amount of money to the ISI so that they can train, guide, and send more terrorists to attack the Indian population.

Distinguishing Pakistan’s people from its leaders may not be appropriate because leaders do not spend their personal money on ISI. It’s Pakistani taxpayer’s money, Pakistani citizen’s money that is used against India. So, yes! Throwing out Pakistani artists would actually prove to be useful. If these artists really love India, they can approach the Indian Government for citizenship and make India their motherland instead of making money here and paying it to sponsor terror activities.

Nitten Gokheley

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