Not only Rs 49,300 crore was saved but the then defence minister Manohar Parrikar traced $3 billion Indian tax payers’ money lying in a US account

Today many are speaking about former Defence Minister and four time Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s humbleness and statesmanship. But many are not aware of his capacity to take quick and effective decision at crucial junctures.

India’s defence ministry was considered as a sluggish ministry until the arrival of Mr Parrikar. In the year 2018, it was revealed that due to the decisions taken by the Defence Minister, Rs 49,300 crore was saved in the acquisitions.

A report stated “Faced with the high cost of acquiring the Russian S 400 long range missile shield – the cutting edge system that can bring down incoming stealth fighters and missiles at a range of 380 km – the minister ordered a review of the 15 year long term plan to purchase new air defence systems upto 2027”.

Due to this review initiated by Mr Parrikar, a whopping Rs 49,300 from taxpayers money was saved. Even though he was the Defence Minister of India for a tenure of just over 2 years, he had carried out several reforms in the ministry.

Similarly about Rs 20,000 crore was lying in an account of United States. Yes, the money was of Indian tax payers but the previous government had forgotten about it. But IIT educated Defence Minister traced down the massive money.

In 2016, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said that “Because of ill-management, or lack of attention to this account, we had slightly less than $3 billion which is piled up in this account, which was not earning any interest. It was just lying there in the account”.

He added “From somewhere near $3 billion, the account has come down to $1.7-1.8 billion. During last year, we must have paid nearly Rs 6,000 crore from this fund for our committed liabilities…. We have saved almost $700-800 million in foreign exchange”.

India will miss the Defence Minister under whom the first surgical strike was carried out.

Hansika Raj


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