Not all REEL Heroes are REAL Heroes!!!

We spend thousands of rupees on movies every month, many fans consider heroes as their God. If something minor happens to them they pray for them, donate blood, and show them all kind of support. But do actors also show same concern to our people? Do they care for sufferings of our people? I remember the program on Ndtv “Jai Jawan” where bollywood stars used to visit our jawans in camps. The jawans used to take these celebrities around, introduce them to their lifestyles and also entertain them. But all that these stars could give them in return was a GOOD BYE.

It”™s well known fact that most of the Bollywood actors make huge money, enjoy luxury life in India and abroad. How many  take part in helping our Jawans and farmers who suffer every day?! We saw one of the worst droughts in 2016, where people in Maharastra, Karnataka and many parts of India did not have a glass of water to drink. How many of these rich stars who are mostly native of MUMBAI offered to help them.

Nana Patekar and Akshay Kumar are two REAL heroes who cared for these helpless people. Nana Patekar has donated around 22 crore from his foundation and 12.75 lakh from his personal saving to 85 farmer families. Akshay Kumar had donated Rs 90 lakh to drought hit farmers in 2015 and Rs 50 lakhs in 2016. These great men have helped farmers in 700 regions in Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Parbani, Nanded, Aurangabad and Vidarbha.  Now Akshay Kumar has shown a greater gesture by donating Rs 80 lakh to army jawans. He has gained the respect of 125 crore Indians for caring for our jawans.

Akshay Kumar has very well said , “The Jawans are decorated with lot of medals and that is good. But I looked at their faces. The samman was required for them but they need money too. You have to be practical. I thought how about giving them money and that is when I decided to give 5 lakhs to each family.”  This is real patriotism and love for nation. Akshay Kumar has hardly given publicity to any of his contributions and said “it was embarrassing to talk about charity”. People who speak more than they work have to learn something from this man.

Everybody complains about the system but how many actually tries to solve them. Some bollywood actors want to release their movies on Eid to attract certain crowds but here is Akshay Kumar who thinks himself as an Indian first and releases his movies on Independence Day.

Many actors had plenty of time to comment on unwanted communal issues, but could not spare a minute to address the sufferings of our Jawans or farmers. One great actor wanted to leave India because his queen wife thought India wasn”™t safe for them, in-spite of 4-5 bodyguards around them, a luxurious 5000 sq.feet house. They thought they were more vulnerable than million people who had no food, water or shelter.

We have to differentiate between REAL heroes and REEL heroes and those who really care our people as we care for them.

Pretending to punch 10 big rowdies in a movie or being a generous person on screen will not make you big. Real qualities are the ones that matter!

Aishwarya S