“Do not support BJP and Hindutva”: Nagaland’s biggest baptist church issues statement!

In a shocking incident, the biggest Baptist church in Nagaland has given an ultimatum to political parties asking them to either stand with CROSS or TRISHUL. This unexpected statement has come just before the Nagaland and other North Eastern states goes to polls this year.

The Church in its statement sent a message to the people of Nagaland and political parties not to surrender their principles and faith for the sake of money or development and fall into the hands of those who seek to “pierce the heart of Jesus Christ.”

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), in an open letter to all political parties, said that minorities were facing threat under the BJP government and there is worst persecution of minority communities since 2015. They said that the Hindutva is a threat to the society and peaceful communities in India. The NBCC general secretary said, “We cannot deny that the Hindutva movement in the country has become unprecedentedly strong and invasive in the last few years with BJP, the political wing of RSS, in power.” God must be weeping when Naga politicians are running after those who seek to destroy Christianity in India.” 

He said that the central government was making efforts to infiltrate Hindutva in Nagaland, which is a Christian majority and said we will not allow Hindutva forces to dominate in the state.

“Our people are fond of propaganda and because of this we often miss reality. India has experienced its worst persecution ever in 2015-2017. You will be fully aware that persecutions have been tripled in recent years. Pastors, evangelists and missionaries are dragged openly in the streets, harassed, insulted and many made to suffer. Their homes destroyed and children discriminated in schools. Worship places were burnt down and believers are often disturbed and harassed. The Bible is openly burnt and confiscated.”

When the Church general secretary was asked whether he was openly endorsing Congress and why was the statement made before elections,  he said “This time it has really become a threat (RSS-backed BJP). That is why we felt we had to make a strong statement not only on behalf of the church here but also on behalf of Christians in the country in general.”

Just few days back, Rahul Gandhi attended a peace concert in Meghalaya after which he also met Church authorities from North Eastern states. Now just after a week, the Church in Nagaland has issued a condemn-able statement against Hindu religion and BJP. The Church has given a direct call to the people of Nagaland and NE states not to vote for BJP and thereby declaring their support to Congress openly.

Imagine if the same statement was made by any temple authority asking people to support BJP and Hindutva, what would have been the repercussions? But is it okay for the Church to issue such irresponsible statement bringing religion into politics? The Church authorities have indirectly given the message that Hindu organization destroy peace and Hindutva seeks violence.

The question here is, who instructed the Church to give such statements against BJP and Hindus? It is very clear that the Churches are working on behest of some political parties and may get benefits some way.

Just few months back, there was a report from Meghalaya which showed that the local Churches were restricting Hindus from celebrating their festivals and did not even allow them to hold rituals after death in Hindu traditions. Many Hindu families in North Eastern states faced threats for following Hinduism and most of tribals were being converted to Christianity with the help of foreign funded NGOs and Missionaries. But no media ever raised this issue as it did not favour their narrative of Modi bashing.

Watch! What happened to Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir is now happening to Hindu tribes in Meghalaya!

It is also said that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have very close links with some of the churches in NE states which are involved in missionary activities. But most of these issues never come out and remains hidden. The powerful bodies of missionaries aim to convert the entire Nagaland and North Eastern states into Christian land, this was also apparent when some missionaries demanded the central government to officially declare Nagaland as Christian state. 

Now their open call against Hindus and Hindutva has made it very clear what exactly these people are working towards and whom they are supporting.

Aishwarya S