Not Syria, this happened in Kerala! Patriotic youths receive 366 threatening calls just because they burnt down the ISIS flag

Every now and then we hear that ISIS flags are raised in Kashmir valley. But you will now be shocked to hear that the same flag of terrorists are now waved in Kerala. Last week few of the radical youths hoisted ISIS flag in CH Mohd Koya Memorial College, Kerala.

What was shocking was that this anti-national act was not highlighted by any of the media. But few of the patriotic youths gave a befitting reply to these radicals by burning the ISIS flag in public.

Few of the patriotic youths joined hands and burnt the ISIS flag and this was confirmed by Sreeraj Kaimal who said “Terror modules hoisted ISIS flag in CH Mohd Koya Memorial college, Kerala. And we replied stinget ablaze ISIS flag in front of Kerala secretariat. Any act of terrorism will be questioned and defeated. Jai Shri Ram”.

The patriots who burnt the flag of ISIS get 366 threatening calls!

Yes, an act which should be appreciated is now attacked. The brave youths who burnt the ISIS flag had received a total of 366 threat calls. This was confirmed by Pratheesh Viswanath who said “We received 366 threatening calls for burning ISIS flag. We burnt a flag which represented anti National, anti human ideology. Do I have to explain who are those who called us and who suffered the real burns when jihadi flag burnt?”

Pratheesh Viswanath also added that “Anvar called us and threatened for burning ISIS flag. We went to his town and burnt flag in middle of his town. Jai Shri Ram”.

The patriotic youths are also angry with the Kerala police department. Pratheesh said “Police is going soft on jihadis who hoisted ISIS flag. So protest continue from our side. ISIS flag set ablaze in Thrissur district Kerala. We cannot remain quite like Aurangzeb govt of Kerala. Its a direct threat on Hindus”.

Hansika Raj