Not a word against separatists, Aamir Khan cleverly slips away saying ‘fight your own battle’ to Zaira Wasim!

Pooja Bhatia

The recent controversy surrounding the news of Zaira Wasim, the reel daughter of Aamir Khan in Dangal, invited many strong reactions. Amidst many comments, we were waiting for actor Aamir Khan’s view on the matter.

We know Aamir Khan’s real character, is more than fatherly care here. His comments and views about intolerance, is known to everyone. He is often seen supporting social causes. How can we forget his Satyamev Jayate……So, obviously his comments were awaited in anticipation.

This is what he said.

We feel his choice of words is typically like a doting-father (on-screen). It can be anybody’s guess that Dangal is still running, in a movie-theater near you. Aamir Khan has played it safe; to not hit another controversy, and hit Dangal.

We will not call it shocking; but we are left wondering, weather it is for love of Dangal, or for love of our country. Or, has Mr. Perfectionist given on his hope to have a ‘perfect’ place to live.

The reason why Zaira Wasim issued an apology note, should have invited a strong objection from Aamir Khan. But, we believe he played it all too well this time; to get the cash register ringing on ‘Dangal’.

Well, are people complaining?