Now, Bar Council of India rips apart Congress President Rahul Gandhi! Here’s the reason

Time and again, it has been proved that the truth will prevail. This has been once again proved in the case of baseless allegations made by the 4 Supreme Court judges. Soon after the allegations made by these 4 judges, Rahul Gandhi and his men tried for extra mileage by cornering PM Modi and Cheif Justice of India, Deepak Misra. But the statement made by the Bar Council of India has totally punctured the conspiracy of the Rahul Gandhi led opposition parties in India.

How and why the 47-year-old youth icon, Congress President Rahul Gandhi slammed by the Bar Council of India?

“We’ve given an opportunity to Rahul Gandhi & political parties to talk about our judiciary, it’s unfortunate. On behalf of Bar Council of India, I request him & other political parties to not politicise the matter”.

This was how the Bar Council Chairman, Manan Mishra bashed Rahul Gandhi and asked him not to interfere in the internal matters of the judiciary.

Bar Council Chairman, Manan Mishra

Bar Council of India will also form 7 member delegation to mediate and resolve the differences between SC judges!

Chairman Manan Mishra also bashed the 4 judges-Justices J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lokur and Kurien Joseph by saying that “The judges should not have gone to public over this issue. There are enough mechanisms in an address this in-house. We discussed the contents of the letter. We have decided to form a seven-member delegation of judges. We will be meeting all the judges at the SC, we have already got an appointment from 50% SC judges”.

Why the Bar Council praised the Modi government in this matter?

The Bar Council Chairman Manan Mishra appreciated government’s stand of not interfering over the “selective” case allocation issue raised by four senior-most Supreme Court judges.

“We appreciate that the government is not involving itself in the internal matters of the SC. PM and law minister have already said that government will not interfere in this matter. The Bar welcomes this decision”, said Mr  Manan Mishra, chairman of Bar Council.

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The chairman also slammed the 4 judges for politicizing the so-called internal crisis!

  • “We have to sort this out anyhow. This cannot go out in the media again. This matter was politicized and we appeal to the judges to not create such an opportunity again. The first move is to meet the rest of the judges, that is all judges except CJI and the four judges who wrote the letter”.

This is how the Bar Council chairman asked the 4 judges not to create a nuisance by going in front of media.

  • ‘The collegium has been appointing judges even after SC judgment. We do consider this an issue. We will take it up with the govt. But it’s not an issue big enough to go public in this manner. Wait for a day or two… things will be sorted out. The faith in the judiciary must not be threatened by creating nuisance over such issues”, Mr Manan Mishra said today evening.
  • “Holding a press conference on a minor issue of the roster is saddening. The Bar Council believes that the matter should have been sorted out internally. If no consensus was achieved, other judges or members of the Bar Council could have been involved. However, it should not have been discussed on a public platform. The judiciary will be weakened as a result of this, and subsequently, the democracy”, Manan Mishra said earlier in the day.

Brigadier(Retd) VK Agarwal praised the bold press meet of the Bar Council!

  • “Congratulation to the Chairman of the Bar Council of India requesting Rahul and politicians not to politicise Lordships’ Press Briefing as also appreciating Govt’s stand that problem be resolved by the judiciary itself. Hope opposition parties will heed to the advice by Bar Council”.

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressing the media over the judiciary crisis at AICC HQ. (Source: INC)

Judges vs CJI row: Bar Council says 'minor issue' did not require media spotlight

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