Now Illegal Rohingya immigrants in Jammu openly attack journalists from Republic TV, NewsX and India News, where is Delhi lutyens gang hiding?

Rohingyas entered our country begging for food and shelter, they got place to live with safety and facilities But now these people consider themselves owners of the land and are behaving like goons and criminals are attacking our own people.

Just 2 days back, 3 journalists from Republic TV, News X and Indian News were attacked by illegal Rohingya immigrants for questioning the authenticity of the documents they hold. Since many days, there were reports on how Rohingyas are posing security threat in the region of Jammu by joining hands with terrorists and working against the Indian Army. The recent Sunjuwan terror attack on Army camp clearly indicated how Rohingyas helped terrorist escape from the police. Reports suggested that terrorists took shelter with Rohingyas before the attack.

It was very well known that Rohingyas in Jammu were being settled in strategic locations and not just in random places. Around 40 families have occupied a place near Nagrota area which is in close proximity to the 16 corps headquarters of the Indian Army. Another 48 families of Rohingyas have occupied lands near Sunjuwan area, exactly where the military headquarters was attacked.

Rohit Choudhary the journalist from Republic TV had applied for RTI seeking information on the number of Rohingyas living in Jammu region and the documents they hold. The investigations revealed that the 27 illegal Rohingyas immigrants were given phone numbers. Shockingly, they even carried AADHAR, voter IDs and ration cards. The big question is when these illegal immigrants have not even got refugee status, how were they able to get AADHAR cards??? How did they get VOTER IDs? How are they claiming to be Indian citizens.

They could not have got these benefits without the support of local administration and some government officials. When the three journalists from Republic TV, News X and India News raised the issue with locals and questioned them of fake documents, the criminal Rohingyas have attacked them and thrashed them on the streets. They have threatened the journalists not to enter the Rohingya occupied areas claiming that the land belongs to them


So, these Rohingyas have now reached a stage where no one can question them. They have gone to the extent of attacking people who are raising concerns about Rohingyas. They are claiming to be Indians producing fake documents and are snatching government benefits meant for poor people. These developments are not just random, but is a well-planned strategy by terrorists and some pseudo secular party to change the demography of the Jammu region just like how they did in Kashmir.

28 years back, all Kashmiri Pandits were either killed or chased away by these terrorists and political parties who changed the demography of the state and then started demanding AZADI from India. Now, the Jammu region is heading the same way where Hindus are being attacked on daily basis and ultimately they will turn the situation unbearable for Hindus and make them flee from the state. This is the standard operating procedure which is being followed for many years and now these terror supporters are using Rohingyas for the job.

If we do not see the threat coming, India will have to lose peace in Jammu just like Kashmir and soon the entire state of Jammu Kashmir will turn out to be a Jihadi hub posing threat to the entire country.

Aishwarya S


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