Now Kodava community in Karnataka demand minority status, Rahul Gandhi where are you hiding, give them minority status!

Just days after the Karnataka government announced separate religion for Lingayats and declared them minority in Karnataka, the Kodava community has now come forward demanding minority status for them.

The Congress government with an intention to divide Hindu religion declared that Lingayats are not Hindus and announced them as separate religion which irked the entire community in Karnataka. Most people opposed the move and called it a ploy by the Congress government to break the Hindu unity for votes. The Lingayat community which constitute around 17% of the total population in Karnataka are strong supporters of Hinduism and BJP.  The consolidation of these votes made it almost impossible for the Congress to win their votes which is why they chose the path of divide and rule.

But the decision went against the interest of the people who revolted against the Congress. After the decision was taken, 50 Veerashaiva Seers have decided to vote against Congress in the upcoming elections and called their supporters to throw out Congress for dividing Hindus.

Now Kodavas, the small community who are native to a region called Kodagu District have demanded Minority status in the Karnataka. The small community which constitutes less than 2 lakh population now want them to be considered as minorities in state. Their demand for minority status has been since long as they represent a very small section of people in Karnataka. But now, after the Lingayat issue exploded, their demand has grown strong.

A memorandum was submitted by the Kodava community to state minorities department on behalf of the community by M M Bansy and Vijay Muthappa which was forwarded to Karnataka State Minorities Commission. The memorandum said , the Kodavas deserve the tag since their population is less than 1.5 lakh and the Centre has considered to include Kodava thakk, the Kodava language without a script, in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution and a notification has been issued to initiate the process.

“We are nature worshippers and don’t follow many customs of the Hindu religion. None of our rituals involve Brahmin priests and all their scriptures are in their own language.. We also have distinct costumes and pork is our staple diet,” they said in their memorandum, justifying the demand. Supporting the demand, Kodagu Natural Sciences Society president Lt. Gen. B C Nanda said that Kodavas inhabited Kodagu 2,000 years ago and the first recorded instance of Kodavas was found in 1174 AD during Hoysala dynasty in the state.

“Kodagu was a tiny independent state ruled by the Haleri (lingayat) kings till 1830s. The British annexed Kodagu and ruled it separately till 1947. After that it was declared as “C’” state and CM Poonacha was its first and last chief minister. On November 1, 1956 it became a part of Karnataka,” Nanda said “Kodava is the only community that has lineage based clan system. They too have a sacret text called pattole palame, a record of the distinct culture, compiled in the late 19th century by Nadikerianda Chinnappa,” said some Kodava leaders.

Some Kodava activists are also demanding that they should at least get an autonomous hill council status on the lines of Gurkha Hill Council (GHC). The Kodava community has in fact done a great service to the country and continue to serve Nation from Indian Army. From the time of Field Marshal Kodandera “Kipper” Madappa Cariappa, who was the first Indian commander-in-chief (C-in-C) of the Indian Army till now, the Kodavas have been great Nationalists.

Now, they are demanding to be included under the Minority status which has put Congress government in a fix. If the Congress government ignores their demand now, there are chances that they may openly go against them which would stop Congress getting any seats from Kodagu and surrounding places.

This is exactly what happens when these shameless political parties try to play with the sentiments of religions. In my previous article, I had specifically stated that dividing Hindus will have major implications on every Hindu castes and every section of people will start demanding minority status.

So, this minority demand will not stop here and it will definitely provoke every caste to demand for status. Rahul Gandhi who claims that he hear all people should accept the demand of every caste and grant Minority status to all Hindu castes. Why minority status is reserved only to Muslims and Christians? If Congress thinks that Lingayats need separate religion and are not Hindus, why not consider the same for other castes?! Surely Rahul Gandhi will hide himself in some foreign country if the issue explodes and if all castes starts demanding minority status as it will destroy his Muslim and Christian vote banks!

Rahul Gandhi has disturbed the calm minds of people and especially Hindus, it will surely haunt him in every step in future. He will have to face a massive revolt from every section!

Aishwarya S