Now the question is, Will the pope apologize for Goa inquisition !

Mother Teresa (Teresa of Kolkata as the church calls her) beatification is round the corner, political weather is hotting up in India and also across the globe. As per the reports few congmen CMs are confirmed to attend.This news is disturbing to thinkers bothering about the rashtreeyatha of India. India s role is watched curiously across the globe.

Shri AB Vajpayee was at the helm as PM when MT died. ABV had shown exemplary magnanimity by giving her state funeral though she was not entitled to as a private citizen. But the church never reciprocated to this gesture of ABV. They kept abusing him saying the leader of a communal party failed to provide security to churches.

We are sure of Modi Ji s ability to handle this tricky situation, but we as a nation need to stand by his firm decision, as the world dominated by religious vested interest likely to influence the government  decision. the only public opinion of the widest spectrum can strengthen the hands of our government headed by Modi Ji.

Let’s all join the corus in demanding an apology from Pope for the crimes church committed in Goa through inquisition. This is the right occasion to raise our demand for the world to take note of. Let’s also persuade our government to officially make such a demand.


Robert Rosario