Now Radicals call Mohd Kaif ‘Un-Islamic’…because he was playing Chess with his Son!

Former Indian international cricketer Mohammad Kaif earned the flak of a small section of Radicals for posting a Facebook photograph showing him playing chess with his son.

Kaif captioned the picture as “ShatranjKeKhilaadi #fatherson #kabirtales #instaplay”. As soon as he uploaded the picture, there was a barrage of comments, with trolls, telling him that playing chess was against Islam.

Surprisingly, the post received strange reactions on Facebook, especially from Radicals.

The game is “haram (forbidden)” in Islam, one of the comments said. However, such remarks were outnumbered by those who complimented the photograph and defended the cricketer.

Another person by the name of Mohd Imran wrote: “Chess is prohibited in Islam.”

LagerahoBhaijaan new world new hobby but not accepted Islam this hobby but i liket,” wrote KamrulHaque.

One Anwar Shaikh wrote, “Bhai yeh game harraaam he (Brother, this game is haraam)”.

Another observer, Pathan Asif Khan wrote, “I think chess is prohibited in islam….. I used to be a good player bit wen (sic) I read hadeeth I found that it is not to play chess.from that day I never played it…. Mohammad Kaif sir.”

However there were some sane voices as well, who supported Mohd Kaif and exposed the vested interests of these Radicals.

Kaif is the latest Indian cricketer to join the ranks of Mohammed Shami and Irfan Pathan in receiving online disapproval from the orthodox for his choices.

Last year too, Kaif found himself in a similar brouhaha over a Twitter post featuring pictures of him performing Surya Namaskar.

Also there have been several instances off late of cricketers being targetted for uploading ‘un-Islamic’ photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Recently, Irfan Pathan was trolled for uploading a photo with wife SafaBaig, who was wearing nail-polish. However, the Baroda all-rounder responded with simple statements. “Kuch to log kahenge logo kakaamhaikehna,” Irfan tweeted in response. He followed that up with another message to the trolls. “I repeat 🙂 If there is more love than hate I think we are doing alright.”

Mohammed Shami was also taken to task for uploading pictures of his daughter’s birthday celebration where his wife Hasin Jan was not wearing a hijab.

Some also claimed that Islam does not allow birthday celebrations.

Manish Sharma