Now the former CM Siddaramaiah slams the current CM HD Kumaraswamy! Here’s what he said

Raising up eyebrows of the people of Karnataka the former Chief Minister triggers a massive outbreak of statement against the newly appointed CM of the state. The newly made up alliance seems to be having a weak base and trembling out of circumstances.

Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s recent statement after HD Kumaraswamy waived off farmer loans came as a shocker for all. The Congress leader said that “the coalition government in the state very much exist but the farmer loan waiver was first introduced when his government was in power”.

While addressing a meeting he said, “We have a coalition government in the state but all the schemes that were introduced by me during our government continue.”

He further spoke about the farmer loan waiver and said,” I have already waived off farmer loans so what more to do?”

The Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy had earlier triggered another controversy after he allocated Higher Education portfolio to a minister who has studied till class 8. GT Devegowda, the minister who has been given Higher Education portfolio, is reportedly upset over Kumaraswamy especially as his own formal education has been limited.

The JD(S) party sources have also claimed that Devegowda, who emerged as a giant killer defeating former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in Chamundeshwari constituency in Mysuru in the May 12 assembly polls, was said to be eyeing key portfolios.

Reacting to the issue, CM Kumaraswamy, 59, said, “Some people will have the wish to work in certain departments, but in every department, there is an opportunity to work efficiently. We have to work efficiently.

“Is there a better department than Higher Education and Minor Irrigation to work?”

Will the alliance Government not last for a longer time? Will the prediction by the analysts of the BJP party and the right-wing link turn true? Cracks of breakage are seen popping up and the alliance does not seem to be lasting long!! Undoubtedly this alliance for the motive to beat PM Modi and set up a Government against him but as they say, “Wicked Intentions has a shorter Life Span”, Doesn’t it??

All those ordinary people in Karnataka never deserved this Government. This government was forced upon the citizens of Karnataka by so-called intellectually superior and civilized politicians of Congress and JDS alliance. It’s highly piteous and offence by these not to be deserving leaders. BJP has to start a grass root revolution from villages to earn more seats from interior Karnataka.

Source: Republic World