Nowshera attack: Did PM Modi order the army to get 25 heads for 2 heads of Indian soldiers?!

The Indian army has gone on combat mode after the Pakistani army mutilated the bodies of 2 Indian soldiers. The army couple days back conducted encounter operation along the LoC in Kashmir’s Naugam sector which resulted in the death of 4 terrorists who were trying to cross the border.

Major-General Ashok Narula had few days back said that Indian army was conducting major anti insurgency operations along the LoC. Now, the Army which attacked the Pakistan posts along the Nowshera sector has caused massive damage to Pakistani posts which were giving cover to terrorists to cross border. According to reports there were atleast 22-25 casualties of Pakistan army reported.

However the Army said that there was artillery assaults and missile attacks which have caused severe damage to Pak army. According to sources, the artillery assaults and missiles cause heavy damage and are mostly used to destroy bunkers and terrorists hiding within the bunkers. The video released by the army shows that bunkers have been destroyed from ground level which may have killed all people in the bunkers.

Recently the defence minister of the country, Arun Jaitley visited the Kashmir area and instructed the army to take whatever actions required without hesitation to bring down violence and cross border terrorism. Sources indicated that PMO had given free hand to the army after the situation went beyond control and wanted the army to take most stringent action against terrorists.

The centre had also instructed the army to deploy CAOS (cordon and search operations) team after a gap of 15 years which mainly deals with anti terrorism and covert operations. Just hours after the CAOS operation was started, 4 militants were killed. It is said that after Pak army mutilated Indian soldiers, the army wanted to give a befitting reply to the terrorists and initiated massive anti insurgency operation which has now resulted in destruction of major Pakistani bunkers and death of over 25 Pak soldiers.

Aishwarya S