NSA Ajit Doval to be the most powerful bureaucrat in 20 years and here’s why this is a bad news for India’s enemies!

Modi Government will not take any risk when it comes to security of country. For ensuring it whatever step the Government has to take it will take, whatever changes are to be done it will be done without any second thought. This has been demonstrated not one time but many times by Modi Government.

In another such bold move, Modi government has now passed the order appointing “The James Bond Of India” Ajit Doval( National Security Advisor) as the head of Strategic Policy Group to assist the National Security Council which advises the Prime Minister on matters of national security and strategic interests

Since 1999, the power to head group lied with the Cabinet Secretary (the most senior bureaucrat in the government) but PM Modi Government through a notification brought changes to the 1999-order, and made NSA as chairman of SPG replacing the cabinet secretary.

The reconstituted policy group also places the National Security Adviser at the top of the country’s security strategy set-up as Mr Doval was also recently appointed chairman of the defence planning committee, a new strategic think tank.

This move of PM Modi Government will make National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval the most powerful bureaucrat in India. It will give upper hand to NSA Ajit Doval and he can take quick actions concerning the security of country. NSA Doval can anytime call the meetings of the group and the cabinet secretary is to coordinate with ministries and states for the implementation of its decisions.

In the absence of Prime Minister, it has given the power to NSA Ajit Doval to oversee the strategic and sensitive issue concerning the internal as well as external threats to the country without waiting for any approval
Apart from the appointment of NSA Ajit Doval as chief what makes the Strategic Policy Group further more powerful is the inclusion of the NITI Aayog or plan panel

Members of group will now include the NITI Aayog vice chairman, the cabinet secretary, the three military chiefs, the Reserve Bank of India governor, the foreign secretary, home secretary, finance secretary and the defence secretary.

The secretary of the Department of Defence Production and Supplies, the scientific adviser to the defence minister and the secretary, cabinet secretariat will also be on the panel. So will be top officers of the departments of revenue, atomic energy, space and the Intelligence Bureau. Other ministries and departments will be invited to meetings too when needed.

These all changes by Modi Government makes it loud and clear to enemies “ Be aware of the consequences if you take any step against India” as India, at any cost is now not going to put the national security at stake. And with National Security Ajit Doval being given such powerful position there is not an iota of doubt that the country is in safe hands and “James Bond of India” is going to shook all those who even think to harm India

Source : TimesNow