Why Obama Said The ‘Namaste’ Culture Will Soon Replace the ‘Handshake’ Culture Across the World!!!

Indian culture is contagious. People from Europe, South America, North America etc have been appreciating it and are learning Indian culture and tradition with lot of dedication. The culture is so influential that the most influential man of this world was also not an exception.
Barack Obama has visited India twice in his tenure as President. The one thing that he learnt from Indian culture remained with him during his visit to China too. The way Indians greet each other by joining both the hands, that is doing Namasthe, was liked by Obama. When he was about to depart from India, all Indian dignitaries who were gathered there wished him a goodbye by doing Namasthe. He reciprocated the same after reaching near the door of Air force One, the official flight of the President of the United States of America.
Later in his visit to China, he greeted the hosts with a Namaste. The world was wondering how Obama was greeting with a Namaste in China. In his reply to the people’s curiosity he said that when he and his wife Michelle were about to leave India, everyone greeted them with a Namaste. They also reciprocated and he admired his picture doing Namaste. The way Namaste gives respect to the other person is much more than what shake hands give.
Barack went ahead to say that Namaste culture will replace the shake hand culture across the world. He also said that Namaste is another biggest contribution that India has given to the world after Yoga.
Medical tests have also proved that NAMASTE is the best way to greet a person, while handshakes can transmit disease and also lethal micro organisms like bacteria like E coli. Longer and stronger the handshake, the more chances of transmitting the dirt and sweat says the study.
You will be surprised to know that a human hand contains more germs than a TOILET SEAT…It’s not something I say, but it has been proven 10 years back by a team of researchers from Mumbai.
It definitely shows how we blindly give up the ancient tradition of civilized and hygienic way of greeting others nd adapt less-clean practices. The Wales Institute of Biological, Environmental Research who conducted a study recently also suggested that greeting a person with Namaste is 20 times more hygienic than a hand shake.
That is how India is influencing people. The rich heritage of India is strong enough to bring people under its net. Sooner or later, India will lead the world.

Akshara Damle