The Officer Who Wore Black Shades While Meeting PM Modi is Again in the News

IAS Amit Kataria was in the headlines last year for wearing black shades while meeting Prime Minister Modi. He was even issued a government notice for wearing them. He is again in the news, but this time for the right reason.

Mr Kataria is known for being a fearless and honest officer. He has brought administrative efficiency wherever he’s worked. He has ensured that the administration works round the clock and transforms the societal structure. Now, he has been duly rewarded by the Narendra Modi government.

He has been given a top role at the Ministry of Urban Development, with the government promoting him to the rank of Land and Development Officer (L&DO) of New Delhi. Before this promotion he was serving as the collector of Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh.

Mr Kataria took to Facebook and informed people about this.

It is heartening to see that an honest and dedicated servant of the country has been rewarded in this manner by the government. Seeing his track-record, it is of no doubt that he will definitely be an asset for the government.

We recently saw how D Roopa, a top cop of Karnataka, was targeted for exposing the VVIP lifestyle of Sasikala in a Bengaluru jail. She was later transferred for simply doing her job faithfully.

Indian politics has had a blotched history of promoting the corrupt and tainted; promoting those who are better at bootlicking than at doing their job. This is why the Indian bureaucracy has always been steeped in inefficiency and corruption.

This promotion of Mr Kataria is an encouragement for all those honest officers in the system who do not want to play to the whims of politicians but instead desire to use their powers to do good for the nation. We hope that the Modi government will continue to reward such daring and transformative officers to posts that matter, and not let them waste their talents away in some bleak corner of the Indian bureaucratic system.

Vinayak Jain