On Republic Day, Rahul Gandhi writes a letter to the Indians but ends up mocking his grandmother Indira Gandhi!

Even though most of the Indians hate Rahul Gandhi as his ideology is not just dangerous to the Indians but even pushes India decades back in every aspect. It also cannot be denied that Rahul Gandhi, knowingly or unknowingly, exposes his party at regular interval. Rahul Gandhi’s first letter as the Congress party president ended up to be yet another gaffe.

The word “secularism” was introduced into the Indian constitution by Indira Gandhi when the opposition party leaders were tortured in jail. Since then, the word secularism got a permanent place not just in documents but even in the minds of people.

Surprisingly, Rahul Gandhi has thrown the word ‘secularism” which is introduced by his grandmother out of his first letter. India marks the celebration of its 69th Republic Day and as a formality, Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to Indians.

The letter became the talk of the town just because it was missing the word ‘secularism”. Now, why the “Janeu Dhari” Brahman has vomited the word “secularism” which was introduced by his grandmother, that too in his first letter after he became the party President? Is it an attempt to woe the anti-Congress brigade?

What was further hilarious to the Indians and embarrassing to Rahul Gandhi was that, he was allotted a seat in the fourth row for the Republic Day parade at India Gate. Hardcore Congress supporters couldn’t tolerate this because Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi was always seated in the front row in the last three years and also during Atal Bihari Vajpayee regime.

The Congress leaders called this as an attempt to humiliate the 47-year-old youth icon and the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi.

Have a look at Rahul Gandhi’s letter written to his fellow citizens!

My dearest fellow citizens,

On the eve of our 69th Republic Day, as we celebrate our beloved nation, let us also remember the Indian constitution we made to all our citizens: JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRATERNITY.

More than ever before in the history of our young nation, we must defend these treasured commitments.

JUSTICE for all together we must strive to ensure that the constitutional right of justice is sacrosanct and India’s laws protect the unprivileged, the voiceless and the poorest of the poor.

LIBERTY to express freely, without fear of verbal or physical intimidation and violence. We are citizens of a democratic republic and our strength is built upon a diversity of religion, cultures, ideas and opinions.

EQUALITY of opportunity, regardless of our economic status, caste, religion or gender. Where each citizen is treated equally not just in the letter of the law but in our actions and in the way we treat each other.

FRATERNITY between each Indian as equal individuals. No matter our background, we are proud to share a common bond: our belonging to this beautiful nation.

On this Republic day, let us renew our lifelong pledge to protect our constitution, the keystone of our cherished Republic, and to defend it as one people, whenever it is endangered.

I wish you all very happy Republic Day.

Jai Hind

Hansika Raj


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