On the 72nd Independence Day celebration, Indians should know their obligation towards traffic rules!

My humble request,

Think you are leaving for a trip or to a relative’s house with your family/friends in a couple of cars, following one another; Do you honk unnecessarily at them, when one ahead you slowdowns..? While you are riding, if any of your known person or neighbors try crossing the path, will you rush across frightening them..?. No..! Of course not. Because you believe that your friend/relative on the other car ahead is not intentionally slowing it down. You understand that something is making him to brake and you wait for him until he accelerates again.

In the latter case, you definitely allow that known person to cross the road by greeting him and giving a smile. So, the thing is you can understand the condition of a known fellow traveller and you will respect that pedestrian who is familiar to you. If so is the situation, then why don’t you understand and believe that a stranger on road is also not stopping his/her car without a reason. Then, why don’t you respect the pedestrians on the streets when they try crossing the roads..? Is this just because you don’t know them..? Shame…! Shame on ourselves.

We are grown up from the schools, which teach us the traffic rules and public behavior. We are taught to stop our vehicles behind the Zebra crossings; to stop when the signal is red, slow down when yellow and proceed only when it is green. We have learnt to prioritize the crowd from pedestrians to the one in cars. We are asked to learn all traffic signs and follow them. But, what are we up to..? Have we adopted these things in our lives..? Then, for what we are educated of..?

World looks at India as a fastest growing nation; world knows that India tops the lists of a developed country in a decade or so. But where are we leading in traffic and road discipline as concerned. People honk unnecessarily on roads; no one cares for a pedestrian; two-wheeler riders use footpaths too to surpass others. Is this a healthy
environment? Is this constructive for the progress of the nation..? Stand as a foreigner who visits our country, look in the perspective of a person who comes to India having in mind that it is the country of educated youngsters. Youth of this country, contributing the highest to the population; is equally responsible in making this country proud of having such batch. It is on the shoulders of our young generation to shape this nation as a disciplined, responsible and a social country of the globe.

We have passed seventy years after becoming independent, which we sought believing in our strength to grow better, distinguished and prosperous. At least this is the time to realize our standards, our stance before the world. Singapore, a small nation, which gained independence in the year 1965, stands strictly in traffic discipline and educates the citizens which has made them achieve decrease in number of fatal accidents.

Apart from implementing tight traffic rules, it is our prime responsibility to follow the existing rules and regulations. Celebrating independence is of no meaning when we lead a worse life than of, of being colonized by someone. Our next generation follow what we teach them today, they imitate the parents. It is time to realize, it is time to change. We shall make an oath on this independence, of being disciplined on roads, will not honk unnecessarily, will respect and give priority to the pedestrians, do not jump signals and avoid rash driving. For this, we shall see all our fellow citizens as neighbors, as our friends, as our well-wishers; we shall be calm and slow on roads.

We shall live for one another, we shall live for the nation. Mahatma Gandhi ji, says that we are not completely dressed until and unless we wear a simple smile on our face. Smile to one another, greet people whether you know them or not. Let us smile and make nation smile.

Jai Hind!

Thejas Gopal Krishne Urs