On Valentine’s Day, journalist Rajdeep Sardesai called Bajrang Dal activists as “Goons and Thugs’! But do you know what happened next?

Long back, it was Barkha Dutt who was getting trolled frequently on the social media for her biased statements. But after she quit NDTV, clearly that position is acquired by Rajdeep Sardesai. This journalist has an out of box skill of making a non-issue into a prime-time show.

This time, Rajdeep had to get exposed and ripped apart for asking to ban the Bajrang Dal. Let me make it clear that behaving indecently in the public by the young couples is as wrong as assaulting the couples by the volunteers of certain organisation.

But Rajdeep Sardesai’s tweet indicated that he is fine with students kissing in campus but obstructing it is a grave mistake. Has he forgotten that parents send their students to schools and colleges not to kiss or romance?

Shall we ban Bajrang Dal goons? Tweets Rajdeep Sardesai

  • Valentine’s Day: a day when the thugs of Bajrang Dal get their 15 minutes of fame every year. And to think Lucknow univ has banned youngsters from ‘roaming’ in campus today! How about banning the Bajrang dal goons first?

So, Rajdeep Sardesai felt it necessary to ban the organisation which allegedly opted for violence once a year. But Rajdeep Sardesai never uttered a single word against the radical organisation that regularly created violence in the name of religion.

Recently. when Chandan Gupta was killed at Kasganj, did Rajdeep Sardesai condemned it? Instead, he urged Hindus to sideline the issue. Now, even though the Bajrang Dal didn’t create any kind of violence on this Valentine Day, Rajdeep wants it to be banned. This appears to be a provocative tweet by Rajdeep Sardesai.

How about banning the pseudo-media thugs that irritate Indians 365 days a year?

  • 365 days where media thugs get their fame everyday. First thing, India is confused with the word Love. Here in West, Valentine is celebrated and is shared between anyone. India it’s about lovers who book room or go-to beach resort and propose to girl friend. Confused Indians.

Mr Rajdeep Sardesai, how about banning the people who killed Chandan Gupta for chanting “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, from public life?

  • Yes correct, in Ankit Saxena case we saw who are the actual goons and against love.

Mr Rajdeep, you send your kids to college to study or romance?

  • A responsible citizen questioned why the couple wants to romance only in college campus?

Why not ban the biased journalism of 2002? Few have built their career after spreading propaganda against PM Modi!

  • Its time to ban biased journalism of Mr.2002

Is it true that Rajdeep Sardesai would be banned 100s of times?

  • If presstitutes were to be banned for the lies then you (Rajdeep Sardesai) would have been banned 100 times over

Can Rajdeep answer to this question?

  • What ever is happening on the name of valentine day is acceptable to you? Can u visit such love making places along with small kids? Who stops adults to love each other but maintain decency else book a room in hotel n celebrate Valentine’s Day. Why u want to show in public?

Hansika Raj


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