One Can Mock RSS But Can Never Copy Its Working Methods! Because RSS Is One With The Culture Of The Soil And All That Matters For Sangha Is ‘Bharat’

On the occasion of Vijayadashami RSS Chief addressed Swayamsevaks and by his address it became clear why no one can copy the ideology behind the RSS. RSS resonates with the sentiment of the soil.

Mohan Bhagawat ji began his ‘Sthapana Diwas’ address by mentioning this Vijayadasami a very special one as the 550th Prakash Varsh of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

In his speech, Mohan Bhagawat made reference to some important events that had taken place in the past year. He said these events made the moths that has passed more memorable for everyone.

Some key notes of Sri Bhagawat ji speech were,

On democracy and Article 370:

He made a very effective point and said, democracy is not a new unfamiliar thing that has been imported from outside, but it

has been ingrained in the national psyche as a result of centuries of tradition

and collective experiences and enlightenment gained during the post-independence period.

He praised the central government on nullifying Article 370. Bhagawat ji congratulated Prime Minister and Home Minister, and other political parties who upheld the public sentiments in Parliament.

He said injustice can only be corrected when our Kashmiri Pandits who were unjustly driven away are brought back and rehabilitated and allowed to remain secure, fearless, patriotic and Hindu.

On Chandrayaan:

Bhagawat ji praised our scientists, and said that with their talent, they have caught the

attention and earned the praise and sympathy of the scientific community of the entire world when they tried landing Chandrayaan’s “Vikram” on the unexplored South Pole of the Moon.

He made a special mention of,

The matured intellect and action of the people, which awakened sense of pride in the country.

On defence and terrorism:

Bhagawat ji opines that, As long as our body, mind and intellect remain alert,

healthy and responsive, the possibility of successfully tackling the crises will also increase.

He said it is fortunate, that the security capability of our country, preparedness of our armed forces, security policy of our government and the situation of our expertise in international politics have made our country stand strong and tall.

Mohan Bhagawat said that, A developed Bharat creates fear in the minds of vested interests. And such forces do not want Bharat to be strong and vibrant.

He took a dig at the Opposition and the liberal brigade, that Even well-meaning policies, decision or statements coming from persons in the government or administration are used by misinterpretation or distortion, to benefit their nefarious designs.

On ‘Lynching’ :

Bhagawat ji sent a strong message on so called incidents of Lynching. He made sure to mention that lynching is an alien Co cept to hindu civilization. He firmly asserted that, The Sangh has never supported the people who were involved in such incidents and it stands against each and every such incident.

On economy:

Bhagawat ji made a Valid point on economy slowdown. He said Many countries including Bharat have to suffer the resultant of the ongoing global trade war between the US and China. He lauded  government’s sensitivity towards people’s interests and its prompt and pro-active attitude.

He presented a brilliant idea to minimise the impact of other immediate crises and the ups and downs of the world economy on our financial system. He said we need to go to the basics and ponder. We have to formulate our own economic vision keeping in mind our requirements, profile and condition of our people and our resources and potential to realise our national aspirations.


Mohan Bhagawat ji called education system which centred around Bharat, the need of the hour.

The education system, which was contrived during the period of slavery to keep us slaves, and the same is being continued even after attaining freedom.

So we have to give a shape to our educational framework also in tune with Bharatiya vision he said.

He also emphasized on Swa Bhasha, Swa Bhoosha, and Swa Sanskriti.

On women and their security:

Bhagawat ji referred women as  ‘our mothers’ and said that is it important to make the women of our country enlightened, self-reliant, and capable of self-protection. He called for sanctity and decency of our culture to be instilled in the men’s approach towards women.

On Bharat being Hindu Rashtra:

Mohan Bhagawat ji explained the vision of RSS and said,

For the last nine decades, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been working for creating ekatmata (unity), sadbhavana (goodwill), sadacharan (good conduct) and sadvyavahar (good behaviour) in the society, and a clear vision and devotion towards the nation. It is quite evident that the service mentality and devotion of Swayamsevaks have created a trust all over the country.

However, attempts are being made to create distrust, fear and hostility among sections who have not yet come in contact with the Sangh.

The vision and proclamation of the Sangh regarding the identity of the nation, social identity of all of us, and the identity of the country’s nature, are clear, well-thought-of and firm that Bharat is Hindustan, Hindu Rashtra.

In the view of the Sangh, the word Hindu is not confined to just those who call themselves Hindus. Those who belong to Bharat, those of who are descendants of Bharatiya ancestors, those who are working for the ultimate glory of the nation and joining hands in enhancing peace by mingling with each other and accepting, respecting and welcoming all diversities; all those Bharatiyas are Hindus.

Bharat has to stand on its own strong foundation of nature and culture. The task of achieving progress of a nation, finding solutions to the problems of society, seeking redemption of crises: all these cannot be outsourced.

Someone or the other may take up the task of leading, from time to time, but it is impossible to attain the complete and eternal success unless the enlightened society with a clear vision, selfless and honest effort and impenetrable unity do not volunteer to intervene with strong force.

In his speech Mohan Bhagawat ji not only addressed the problem faced by the general population but he also had the simple but effective solutions. He emphasized the importance of community participation. After all, it is true that

‘Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge’

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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