What is one of the major reasons behind BJP’s rise in Uttar Pradesh?

Vinayak Jain

It’s been said by Prime Minister Modi often that the Uttar Pradesh election will be about development & only development for his party. Barring a few unwarranted statements from smaller leaders in the party, the BJP is focusing only on development. And one such developmental work of the Narendra Modi government is creating ripples in the state.

The Ujjwala Yojana of the Modi Government has become a huge hit, especially in Eastern UP, people are applauding the impartial implementation of the scheme.The scheme entails providing poor families with highly subsidized LPG cylinders.

“Modi has done good for the poor. People have got gas cylinders,”said Santlal, an elderly dhobi from Asrawal village in Allahabad West assembly segment. This is the sentiment of many people across the state.

The government has pushed this scheme with all its sincerity in poor states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa & Bengal. Prime Minister Modi had launched this scheme in May last year from Ballia, & Uttar Pradesh has seen maximum enrolment.

In about 9 months’ time, the government has issued 50.26 lakh new connections to the poor in the state. This amounts to around 12,500 households getting the subsidized connections in each assembly segment. The population of the state was almost 20 crores according to the 2011 census. Now, if we assume that each family that’s been issued a connection has 4 family members on average, then simple multiplication tells us that this scheme has touched the lives of over 2 crore people in the state! That is 10 percent of the population of Uttar Pradesh.

This social welfare scheme has attracted very few critics for its quick & totally impartial implementation. Other such schemes of the previous governments like the Indira Aawas Yojana or food ration cards were marred with massive irregularities such as ineligible recipients of benefits & those who deserved the benefits were excluded.

The success of the Ujjwala Yojana, could reap huge benefits for the BJP in the upcoming elections. It marks a significant developmental step that has been taken up by the government with complete inclusion in mind. This scheme cuts through religious & caste barriers. Political benefits are temporary, but the changes this will bring to the standard of living of the poorest people in Uttar Pradesh & even other states is something which is permanent &will be the foundation for a developing rural India.