“One Media Group is Desperately Trying to Stop My ‘REPUBLIC’”: Arnab Goswami!

Arnab Goswami who couple weeks back revealed that he will be soon launching his own venture called the Republic gave an exclusive interview to the Business World where he shared many of his experiences and hurdles which he is facing presently. The former TimesNow editor and his new team are working round the clock for their new challenge Republic which is said to be launched soon. Goswami in the interview has shed light on his future challenges, and the areas that Republic will mainly focus on.

Arnab Goswami in the interview said that his new venture is only owned by journalists and at no point of time corporates would have any role in media. He said that the brand of journalism not only should appeal people but should be distinctive from corporate funded media. There should be accountability, free of political interference and should focus on feisty, aggressive, direct and confrontational journalism.

For a question on whether media is just business, Goswami said if one is dependent on political parties for advertisement or have taken material favors like land or money, then such media cannot be called independent in the slightest sense. If you have good content you can build your brand and don’t have to beg politicians for favors.

Arnab said that Republic will be built on content and millions of people are waiting and want it. But some media houses are running smear campaigns and are using devious means to stop Republic. He said they are big media group, and are going overtime to stop us, which only shows that they have already accepted defeat even before Republic is launched, which only proves they are insecure and paranoid.

When asked how will Goswami handle such situation….he answered since 2 decades I have been speaking against big scamsters, terror groups, big mafia in the country and they haven’t been able to do anything, so I don’t worry about these fake media houses. I only say bring it on! Those people who use money and terror for their benefit should feel worried, and if they have guts, let them come out and identify themselves and I will fight them on digital platform, Republic is Unstoppable people’s movement and dirty tricks wont work said Goswami.

Arnab without taking name also indirectly gave a hint to Sudhir Chaudary who is being threatened by CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee for covering the Dhulagarh riots. He said that those journalists who are being threatened need not worry but should put up a collective fight against such people. He said until now the corporate owners would buy TRPs and distribution by money and had least credibility, but from now on they will know that viewership, trust, credibility and respect cannot be got through money. The people of the country will teach a lesson to all these people who have destroyed the value of journalism  he added.

Aishwarya S