That one mistake proved fatal to Tamil star Joseph Vijay!!! Why did PM Modi include Vijay in his hit list?

After an actor delivers back to back hits, the dialogues in the cinema will be scripted according to the orders of that star actor. This is what has happened in the case of Tamil film ‘Mersal’.

Actor Joseph Vijay starred film can be said as propaganda film that seeks pleasure in mocking not just Modi government projects but even Hindu sentiments. Firstly actor Joseph Vijay has spread fake information regarding the historic scheme GST and Digital India. After that, he advised to build hospitals instead of Temples. By this he proved that he is against the construction of Ram Mandir.

“In the last 20 years, 17,500 churches, 9,700 mosques and 370 temples were built. Out of these what should be avoided to build hospitals”

But this Christian actor Joseph Vijay wants to stop Government from building temples. The film is full of cooked up stories regarding the recent reforms undertaken by Modi government.

Now you may ask why has Joseph Vijay delivered an absolute fake, lunatic like dialogue in his movie? Do you remember Isaac Newton’s theory? He said ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

But here there is a small modification. Yes, Joseph Vijay performed an action of evading tax for 5 years and to teach him a lesson, PM Modi conducted a reaction in the form of IT raids. Now that Joseph Vijay lost his hard (corruptly) earned money due to PM Modi, he decided to malign the schemes of PM Modi. As simple as that!!!

Tax evader in REAL life, crusader against corruption in REEL life! That’s the real face of Joseph Vijay

We find actors who preach several noble principles in their films. But they hardly follow them in their real life. Tamil star Joseph Vijay is one among them. This time, he has been trapped by his own hypocrisy and we Indians are very grateful for it.

Income tax officials had raided his properties in Chennai on Sept 30 and Oct 1st in the year 2015. After the raids, they revealed that Joseph Vijay has been partially evading payment of tax for the last five years.

Even after getting caught red-handedly, Joseph Vijay hasn’t stopped acting like a noble person. In a hurry to target PM Modi, this man named Joseph Vijay has not just hurt Modi followers but also the feelings of lakhs of Hindus. Would he dare to advice Christians to build hospitals instead of churches?

It seems like Joseph Vijay is a third party campaigner of Congress party. To further support this argument, the youth icon Rahul Gandhi (luckily was in India) tweeted in support of Joseph Vijay’s film.

Ironically, Rahul Gandhi’s party had attacked in every possible way to stop the screening of Madhur Bhandarkar’s film ‘Indu Sarkar’.

This is India! Here, a mini-scamster can spread fake information about government policies and when this is exposed, few other experienced scamsters come in support of this mini-scamster.

Yet, we believe that truth always prevails!!!

Source: http://zeenews.india.com/regional/bjps-fireworks-against-vijay-for-dialogues-in-mersal-2051120.html

Hansika Raj