One more state will be under BJP as the Survey reveals that the ‘Modi’ magic will dethrone BJD in Odisha!

Modi Magic is over!! Those who are thinking this surely are in dreams away from the reality of life. They need to awake themselves from the sleep and start experiencing the reality. Modi Mania is on the peak.

Recent Survey conducted on mood of the people of Odisha, the state undergoing Legislative Assembly elections next year indicates the same. The survey titled “Trust of Odisha” conducted by Dailyhunt has revealed that the state is all set to throw Naveen Patnaik off the throne.

The survey was conducted over 5 days in which total 50,156 people took part. Let’s look at the various scenarios for which people expressed their opinions

What could be the effect of Mahagathbandhan of opposition parties on BJP?

35 % of the respondents were of the view that there is a possibility of formation of any alliance while 65 % ruled out any such possibility. If we believe

Modi Magic will work or not?

61% respondents, believe ‘Modi magic’ is set to dethrone Biju Janata Dal (BJD) whereas only 39 % people think ‘Modi magic’ will not work.

Will Odisha witness change in Chief Minister Position?

62% people believe the people of Odisha will change Chief Minister in the next assembly election while 38% people said Naveen Patnaik will come back to power.

Does Biju Janta Dal (BJD) have another chance?

63% respondents ruled out another term to the BJD while 37% respondents said BJD should make a come back

Who is the alternative to CM Naveen Patnaik?

56 % respondents said Union Minister and senior BJP leader from Odisha Dharmendra Pradhan is an alternative

23% respondents voted in favour of Former Rajya Sabha MP Jayant Panda, who has quit BJD

21% respondents see Nirjanjan Patnaik, Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee Chief, as an alternative.

In 2014, BJP was not even near to victory in Odisha. It was able to garner only one seat while BJD won 20 of the 21 LokSabha seats. But now it indicates that soon the citadel of BJD is going to fall out of their hands.

In February last year, the BJP registered massive victory in Panchayat polls. The vote share of BJP increased tremendously from 15 % to 32 %. Nine fold jump in polls signified that the BJP can win 7 of the 21 Lok Sabha seats and 45 of the 147 Assembly seats.

Former BJD MP and one of founding members of BJD Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda has also indicated the same earlier. The senior leader said that many of the party bearers have now turned into “fat cat contractors and fixers” and “obviously have a stake” in the increasing instances of crime and corruption in the state. This will be harmful for the party in upcoming elections.

All the above factors are pointing that coming elections are not going to be easy for Naveen Patnaik and his party. Voter disenchantment has set in at most places while fissures within the party are now out in the open. Although BJD managed to stall the Modi wave on the shores of Odisha in 2014, 2019 could be the toughest battle in his sterling political career during which he has never been in the Opposition.

Source : Economic Times

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