One night dinner in Silver plate costs Rs 10 lakh! This is how CM Siddamaraiah royally dines in public money

A few decades ago, Indira Gandhi said “Garibi Hatao” but due to lack of understanding skills, Congress leaders considered it as “Garib Ko Hatao“. That’s why they executed one after another scam like Bofors, Coal-gate, Commonwealth. Due to this -decades after getting Independence- crores of Indians didn’t have a bank account and a house to live in.

At present, there are only 4 states ruled by Congress and among them, Karnataka is the largest one. After spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees on tea, coffee, biscuits and mineral water, the Karnataka Chief Minister has done another task that will make the 47-year-old youth icon Rahul Gandhi very proud.

The Royal Dinner!!! Rs 10 lakh worth dinner for CM Siddamaraiah

On December 16th, a dinner event was held at Kalaburgi in Karnataka which was attended by CM Siddamaraiah. Do you know the amount spent on this dinner? You are wrong if you think the cost of this is few thousand rupees.

Yes, the amount spent on this was Rs 10 lakh rupees and upon that CM Siddamaraiah was served dinner on a silver plate. Was this royalty required when lakhs of farmers are suffering in Karnataka due to improper agricultural conditions? Was this required when farmers are committing suicide on a daily basis in Karnataka?

The event was attended by MB Patil, Priyank Kharge, Ajay Singh and several other senior Congress leaders.The contract to cook this dinner was given to a team of chefs from Hyderabad. The team of chefs had 50 members and it is said that the officials and party workers were served food in plastic plates whereas the leaders enjoyed the dinner on silver plates.

CM Siddamaraiah claims that he is a pro-poor and pro-farmer leader but looking at his past track records, his statements doesn’t tally. At one end, India is served by a Prime Minister who haven’t even misused a single paise from the taxpayers treasury but at other end we have CM Siddamaraiah.

What RTI revealed in the past about CM Siddamaraiah is really shocking!

• In the financial year 2013-14, a total of Rs 3.65 lakh has been spent only for biscuits. Whereas, Rs 10 lakh has been spent for coffee, tea and mineral water. So the total amount surged up to Rs 13.65 lakhs.

• In the year 2014-15, he spent Rs 4.56 lakhs for biscuits and spent Rs 6.5 lakhs for coffee, tea and water. In the year 2015-16, CM Siddaramayya spent Rs 4.56 lakh for biscuits and Rs 6.7 lakh for coffee, tea and water.

• In the year 2016-17, CM Siddaramayya spent Rs 4.5 lakh for biscuits and Rs 7 lakh was spent on coffee, tea and water. In the year 2017-18, the cost of biscuits purchased was Rs 4.5 lakh and the cost of coffee, tea and water was Rs 7.2 lakh.

• Altogether, CM Siddaramayya has Rs 22 lakhs on biscuits and Rs 38 Lakhs on tea, coffee, and water. Another interesting fact is that CM Siddaramayya is spending Rs 4.5 lakh rupee on biscuits every year. Yes, and this is really suspicious. Another suspicious thing is that he spent Rs 1.75 lakh on water every year

• An RTI query revealed that CM Siddaramayya had spent a whopping amount of Rs 4.78 lakhs to procure hand towels, bath towels, face towels, foot mats and pillow covers in a span of 6 months.

At one end, series of Hindu activists are getting killed but CM Siddamaraiah has never showed any special interest in protecting the Hindus of Karnataka. “Tipu Jayanti” was celebrated even though Hindu and Christian community in Karnataka was badly hurt by this decision. Recently, Hanuman Jayanti celebration was suppressed with bunch of rules from the state government.

The elections will be held on May, 2018 in Karnataka and the voters will give the verdict on CM Siddamaraiah’s royal lifestyle.

Ananya Sharma