One Tweet and Corrupt TTE Gets Suspended while still on Train…Railway Ministry’s Super fast Action!

Railway Ministry has taken one more step towards establishing people faith in Railways. In an incident on 10th Sept 2016, a tweet send to Railway Ministry from a passenger about a corrupt TTE; leads to his suspension while he was still on train.

Govind Narayan, a passenger on the Barmer-Kalka Express on Saturday caught a TTE allotting seats after collecting money without issuing a receipt for it. TTE was collecting Rs 15 from each passenger in exchange of seat allotment but was not giving anyone receipt. Most of the passengers didn”™t even bothered to ask for  the receipt (as we are habituated) but  Govind asked for it and TTE replied that it”™s a long journey and he shall give him the receipt on the way.

After sometime, Govind sensed that TTE has no intension to give him receipt. So, some time before reaching Jodhpur Station, Govind decided to send Tweet to complain about TTE. He sent out a tweet to the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Jodhpur.


Just a few minutes after sending out the tweet he received a reply from the Ministry of Railways, informing him that his complaint has been forwarded to the DRM’s office. And in few minutes, the DRM spoke with Govind and Vigilance Officer Mukesh Gehlot boarded the train at Jodhpur station. His team spoke with the TTE, checked his record books, and investigation report was forwarded to the DRM who then tweeted orders to suspend Shyampal.


The TTE was asked to get off the train at Merta station and in approx 2 hours action has been taken. This prompt action is surely going to put fear in the minds of those who do illegal activities and helps our system to be corruption free.

Bhavna Banodha


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