Onion Farmers of Karnataka are Dying and Siddharamiah Wants Steel Flyover!

As we are well aware that the onion price has been dropped as low as Rs.100/- to 200 per quintal this time, the Karnataka State farmers, mainly North Karnataka farmers are in huge loss due to the onion crop, they are helpless to repay the loan and we have also seen cases of farmers’ suicide.

Last year the onion price was touched Rs.100/- mark per kg. However this time, there is no rate for onion. It is Rs.100/- Per Quintal. The farmer is not even able to get the transportation charges by selling his crop. Many farmers have left the crop at the farm only.

Though the minimum guarantee price is available for the farmers’ crop, the Karnataka state government has totally failed to provide proper support to the farmers. When asked to Farmer ShantaGouda from one of the Villages in Raichur district about his struggle to grow Onion, he told “This time it rained well and we thought of getting better price for our crop. But the price is totally disappointing and I had grown 3 acres of onion and left at farm only as it will incur transportation charges to bring to the market. I had invested more than 1 LakhRupees for seeds, pesticides, labors wages and didn’t get any return from it. Our cattle are eating it.” He also added that Karnataka Government has taken no concern on the farmers in terms of providing the better minimum price for the crop.

The State government is going to spend money on Steel Flyover and controversial man Tippu Sultan’s Jayanti. However it is not working on the issues of the farmers. For vote bank, Siddharamiah had announced subsidy schemes to provide farming equipment, seeds etc in less price. However very negligible people are only able to get the same as that was just to make publicity. The farmers are struggling to get various benefits from the government and Congress government in its last days is focusing only on less priority things.

Since the election is not so far, Siddharamiah’s government is confirming its way out of the race by ignoring our farmers!

Basangouda Patil