An open letter to my friends who support Arvind Kejriwal

Hey Friend!

I know your political affiliations have earned you a name ‘Aaptard’! Relax! So am I called ‘Bhakt’! Today, let’s scrap this ‘Label’ business and have a chat heart to heart! We are all Indians after all! Why can’t there be a rational and logical conversation between two compatriots, you and me, irrespective of our political beliefs?  To understand you better, I need to understand what goes in your mind. Let me begin with a few questions from my side.

All this started with your ‘I am Anna’ cap, right? I still remember you singing glories of Anna Hazare as an Anti-Corruption Crusader! Man, how dispirited we were under the burden of the mountains of UPA Scams! I could see you hooked to Anna’s disciple Arvind Kejriwal …a simple kind of a guy… honesty and earnestness overflowing from his persona! Now come on, accept the fact that your Kejriwal capitalized on Anna’s popularity, used him as a ladder for his political aspirations and later dumped him. Hey, I’m not saying this….your Anna is screaming from the top of his roof that he was duped big time! Just Google search Anna Hazare Arvind Kejriwal! So, what say? Have you also replaced your “I am Anna” cap with “Aam Aadmi Party” cap? Was it easy on your conscience to dump Anna and move ahead?

Buddy, its beyond me how can one look up to the leader like Kejriwal! Man, the guy speaks lies through his teeth! I mean I haven’t seen anyone in my life swearing falsely on their children. Using his mentor for rising in politics was still fine, but his own children too? Your Leader speaks the language that will make a sailor blush! Never seen any politician with such a loose tongue! The members of his party who dare to question him are called ‘Kameena’ (son of a bitch)! He calls the Delhi Police ‘Thulla’ (thug). He calls the Prime Minister of India ‘Coward’ and Psychopath! Now tell me buddy, if your Kejriwal is such an expert in naming the flaws of other people, why does he need the writing on the forehead for understanding the flaws of his own people? Remember what he said when his ‘Women and Child Development’ Minister Sandeep Kumar’s Sex Racket was exposed?  Come on friend, you can’t be so dumb!

We all know how the Mainstream Media attempts to make a hero out of any Tom, Dick or Harry! Remember how mediocre materials like Hardik Patel and Kanhaiyya made hay while the Sun of Media shone on them! I say, your Arvind Kejriwal too was a creation of the Media. Did your inquisitive mind ever question why AAP granted Rs 526 Cr to Media for Advertising and Publicity?  For God’s sake, it was 2200% more than the previous budget balanced with the curtailments in the budgets for other areas like Roads and Infrastructure, Nutrition etc! In the recent elections, the states Punjab and Goa were flooded with AAP posters every two steps.  Media was already congratulating AAP for sweeping these two states! Boy, how do they manage Media and Advertising? Do they mint money or what!

Your admiration for Arvind Kejriwal must have naturally resulted into the hate for our PM! After all your Kejriwal names PM Modi 50 times a day, blaming him for everything under the sun, from an earthquake to a sneeze of his son! I know the sort of power Kejriwal has on you! You people run trends on Twitter with derogatory hashtags for our PM. Fair enough! That’s your freedom of speech. But when the International entities accolade PM Modi for his visionary and progressive work, how do you counsel your mind against such news?  You must be sticking to ‘Janta Ka Reporter’, India Today and NDTV to feel better, right?

Today almost all of Kejriwal’s MLAs are undergoing judicial proceedings under Criminal charges.  How do you feel when Kejriwal , the self-acclaimed Anti-Corruption Crusader tries hard to defend his ministers? Remember how he had given a clean chit to his Health Minister Satyendra Jain? Now the guy is caught by IT Department for allegedly using Hawala money for converting 16 Cr rupees worth black money. But knowing Kejriwal, he will still blame PM Modi’s Demonetization move for this entire ruckus. Would you sing to his tunes even this time?

Coming to ‘Demonetization’, do you echo Kejriwal’s views on this historic move of PM Modi? How do you justify your ‘honest’ leader joining hands with Sheela Dixit, Lalu Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, Azadi Brigadier Kanhaiyya and Congress Party? Hadn’t he made you believe that his war was against the corruption of Congress Party? I had heard about some 370 pages documentary proof something something?

When I watched his video on Surgical strike, I wanted to rinse my ears for listening to that crap. How smoothly he played a spokesperson for Pakistan! How effortlessly he can talk rubbish! Listen guy, you chose your leader. You hated BJP and PM Modi because your leader hated them. It was still fine till here. But if you cross your limit to condemn India and the Indian Army and stand in solidarity with our enemy Pakistan like your leader, well, heaven help you from us Indians!

Well, I know the words of Kejriwal are a Gospel Truth for you guys! If he blames EVM for the disastrous performance of his party in the recent elections, why not ask yourself the role of EVM in Delhi AAP sweep? If he says Demonetization made Indians die in the queues, why not ask yourself why people are standing in support of PM Modi’s move? When he says, kids were playing in the area where Indian Army was claiming to have performed surgical strike, why not ask yourself how kids can play nearby the Terror Launch Pads? When he blames PM Modi  saying ‘Modiji Kaam nahi karne dete’, why not ask yourself if you are that dumb to believe it! Also, demand an answer from Kejriwal for his big U-Turns on all his poll promises….Free WiFi, Free Electricity, Water, 15 Lakh CCTV Cameras etc etc.

If you can’t stand up for yourself and call his bluffs, well, all I can say is “Compromise Kar Lo!”

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi