An open letter to Home Minister Rajnath Singh by an Indian who is devastated by the series of deaths of RSS workers

Honorable Rajnath Singh Ji,

It’s painful to see the series deaths of RSS volunteers in communist majority areas like Kerala and West Bengal. It hurts when we realize that we cannot do anything to save those innocent lives. How many people should die dreaming that one day India will get its glory and, they will find justice for their death?

Recently, Rajesh Edavakode, the 34 year old RSS volunteer, brutally murdered by communists in Kerala on 29th July 2017. His legs and  hands were chopped off and was stabbed at least 69 times after his murder. Unlike him, there were so many of rss volunteer being killed by those communists with no fear of law and constitution. Why?

When Akhalak, who was fighting against of beef ban had killed by some, laws and constitution started to fly all over India. But, whenever RSS volunteer being killed by communists, there were no proper actions taken most of the time.

More than 200 Sangh workers have lost their lives in Kerala. In Kannur alone, about 85 swayamsevaks have been killed. Nine RSS/BJP workers, including a woman, have been killed since Pinarayi Vijayan took over as Chief Minister.

If proper actions and administration taken over there, then why those brutalities are not stopping even a little? Could we find the home minister of Kerala? Could we find any equality as per their communist ideologies of equality over the world?

Entire India knows that you had warned once, but is that enough? Intimating videos, banners are hovering in social media and no one knows what to do with that? Shall we leave it behind convincing ourselves not to get rage and it’s all belongs to fate?

There’s no value for the existence of god in Ethiest’s ideology and these communism  is a big part of it. If there’s no god, then where shall we find moral education there and from every communist’s home, may our nation could have another Mughal emperors.

We Hindus never wants to go back to the history again. In India, if a someone fromMuslimcommunity being killed, there will be a huge issue of ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Equality’, but why not for Hindu? Don’t Hindu People have a right to get justice to their assault?

How many RSS volunteers have to sacrifice their life?! How many parents have to bury their only son of the family?! Why central is not taking strict actions on these brutal cases?

Agreed! After, Rajesh’s murder, you warned Kerala’s home minister to stop killing Hindus. But, writing a letter doesn’t costmuch, I guess. Begging them not to kill Hindus and pleading them to stay neutral doeswork? Why didn’t you take actions instead of pleasing?

Basically, leftist ideas of “Precious life” and “Equality for all” are against of India. The leftist’s of Kerala are shouting in their protest that they do not need any training to kill people, they will kill people whenever they want? Do we have to see another West Bengal well in Kerala?

There’s  always a be anissue in four corners of India. Separatists in Kashmir, Communists of west Bengal and Kerala and Border issues of Punjab. Why we are failing to settle down these issues aga9in and again? Also, there are a few organizationslike PFI, NSUI etc.-, which are tearing entire India and why don’t central take strict actions to ban those?

In constitutional laws, to become a politician needs few eligibilities and “Candidate must not involve in any crime” is included in that, and why most of all the politicians had a background of crime? When there’s no chance, but to vote, citizens would vote for the wrong person absolutely. Could we get alternate about this issue?

It’s our humble request to you, Sir! Rather than pleading CPM not to kill Hindus, it’s better to take strict actions so that in future, we could live in certain peace.

Shika Mahajan